November 6, 2013
[su_quote cite=”Adam Smith” class=”wwd-post”] What can be added to the happiness of a man who is in health, out of debt, and has a clear conscience? [/su_quote]

Dear Member,

I urge you to make as much money as you can, as fast as you can! Save and invest every dime and take a machete to your expenses if things are tight for you.

The biggest trend that I can help you with this decade is helping you survive and thrive as America’s middle class evaporates.

Evidence of this trend now hits my desk on an hourly basis. Yesterday it was reported that David’s Bridal shops, a company founded in 1950, is reducing much of their full time work force to 29.5 hours a week in order to avoid Obamacare. My local David’s Bridal couldn’t confirm the story, however, a handful of store employees have been willing to share a memo they received from the company.

90% of the job gains since 2009 have been part time and now with Obamacare, the situation will only get worse.

Investor Business Daily (IBD) has added David’s Bridal to a list of 363 mid to large size companies that have reduced worker hours in order to avoid new government mandates.
This isn’t just private businesses….The State of Delaware has cut hourly and seasonal employees to a maximum of 29.75 hours per week.

The other day I was speaking with John Rubino of and he brought up the fact that in all the third world nations, the best jobs are with the government; something that wasn’t true in the U.S. 30 years ago, but today it is absolutely true. The safest and most lucrative careers are government jobs in the U.S., which is a clear sign that Gerald Celente’s prediction may already be in the process of coming true, that America will become the first post industrialized nation. If it weren’t for having the world’s reserve currency, the U.S. would already be in shambles with unsustainable debt levels, spending, and a society of busy bodies.

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This weekend we will be releasing a NEW Micro-Documentary that will focus on what we believe is becoming a more and more recession resistant business. It is closely tied to the transformation of America’s economy and the end of the middle class as we know it.

I don’t know how long you have to securely set up your life so that you aren’t caught up in the collapse of the U.S. economy, but my guess is we have several years. Currently, there is no alternative to the U.S. dollar in the minds of the world, so the odds of the status quo continuing for years is high in my opinion. Although this won’t last forever, make sure to be mindful of the changes that are coming. China has made a lot of news lately urging the world for a new international reserve currency (aka: replace the dollar) and China’s official Xinhua news agency has called for a “de-Americanized” world.

Make no doubt, China is planning for the future, they have recently announced multiple deals in Europe, Asia, and South America giving their currency more liquidity. They are also the largest gold producer who doesn’t export any of their gold, instead they have imported over 2,200 tons during the past two years.

Clearly, the changes in our economy are real and are happening now. Please be prudent in this time of transition, if you have any questions or personal success stories you would like to share, please reply to this email.


It’s a busy month for us, I personally plan to attend a trader’s conference in Las Vegas and the San Francisco Hard Asset Show in the next few weeks. Over the weekend one of our FMT staff members will be visiting a gold and silver mine in Canada that is set to begin production in 2014.

I am currently in La Jolla, California, visiting the Harry Dent conference on deflationary trends and predictions.
Have a prosperous week!
Daniel Ameduri
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