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In this week’s wealth digest I wanted to share some of the questions and comments I have received in the past few days. Be ready this weekend as we plan to release a video that shows you exactly where I plan to put my money in order to profit from what I believe is an almost guarantee, profiting off of the government screwing up our currency and economy…

Trend Mail Q&A

John S.

I’m tired of all the damn noise and nobody (and I mean NOBODY) not knowing what’s to come! Why don’t you watch your videos before you send out a deflation article.

Daniel Ameduri
The article was written by a contributor who I believe is trying to give you an honest assessment without bias. I have not changed my view on believing we are headed towards a currency crisis. However, I do believe we should prepare for both inflation and deflation, pay off debts and hold some opportunity cash. In our video “Economic Collapse for Dummies,” we do show that just like the Wiemar Republic we could experience a deflationary shock prior to a currency crisis.

Thomas P.
What is the best advice you can give to someone who is 21 years old?

Daniel Ameduri
Thomas, there are a few things I have picked up in life that could help you. #1 Realize that you are going to die. I know it sounds odd for me to mention it, but it is important to not waste time or live the default life of conventional wisdom; which is to spend 16 years in school, followed by 30-40 years of working 8-12 hour a days, 5 days a week. Don’t waste your life, you only have one shot at this and it’s best not to get stuck in the rat race.

That being said, #2, NEVER get into debt, even borrowing to purchase a vehicle is a major mistake that will set you back financially. Do NOT sign a 3 decade loan either (mortgage), if you want to buy a home, find one you can afford to pay off in 10 years or save up and pay cash. Living in a home that is lower priced but paid off will dramatically increase your quality of life. The only exception to this rule is borrowing to increase your income, this means the income you are buying, like a rental property pays for the debt service and provides income. #3 Find a life partner that is like-minded.

One thing that has always helped me is to always avoid doing what everyone else does. Defy conventional wisdom and don’t allow all the conditioning we received in school to be our life’s plan, write your own plan. I mean that, write down what you want in life, what you want people to say about you at your funeral, this will help you discover your core values. I also can’t stress enough to live below your means while you are young and acquiring assets, my wife and I during our 20’s considered those years our asset accumulation phase.

One final note, find a mentor, someone who is already successful and can help you sharpen your knowledge.

Reply to the liberty trend vs big government (Adam Kokesh thing), Kokesh is involved in a racket with Rob Grey of cheating Mr. Duane and why do you think I would trust you on this? Have you done your due diligence on this arrogant guy called Kokesh?

Daniel Ameduri
Honestly no I haven’t, I see his work published on many liberty sites like the, a site I highly trust and have never looked into Mr. Kokesh. If I knew he did something wrong I would not have mentioned his rally, but as of right now, I haven’t looked into him at all. I personally know Mr. Duane though, so if you are telling me he has wronged him, I certainly would take Mr. Duane’s word on it. I’ll be sure to look into this matter.

Chris L.
“ likes silver anywhere near the $30 level, if it drops below $30 we’ll buy call options to maximize short term profit, if it remains around $30 we plan to continue a regular accumulation of the physical metal as well as mining shares.” This call was a fair way off. I have lost so much cash following this advice. I make my own decisions I know, but still.

Daniel Ameduri
Chris, as you know the markets are very volatile right now because of all the FED intervention. Everything above was written with sincerity and I personally bought silver below $30 and all the way down to $22 where it remains today. I am not going to make excuses, so I agree with your assessment the call was way off, we did say that silver could drop to $22 or even $17.50 in later emails, but honestly our team here felt pretty confident that $26 would be our bottom.

Al H.
Elite plan to rally stock market? Re: Silver $10 and Dow 20,000: Weekly Wealth Digest Daniel- I believe I have told you before. I was told back in 2009 by one of the world’s elites that their plan was to drive the stock market back to record highs and force people into buying stocks- All other interest baring type accounts pay nothing now. Most people are now buying stocks, not when the markets were 7000, but now and they will get slaughtered. This has been well planned. The elites know exactly when to bail out before the crash comes. I agree with you the Dow is headed to 20,000, maybe 30,000. But, I was also told in 2009, to get into anything that is not paper based- only into metals or solid assets. That’s where I am now and will stay the course. You are doing the same by what you write. I would suggest being very careful with anything related to paper. I was also told that the collapse would start in the derivatives market with $220 trillion of these floating around the world. When the system starts to collapse – it will fall so fast no one will know what happened and can do little to save themselves.

Daniel Ameduri
One thing I have done to protect myself is buy the stock directly from the companies themselves through So most of the stock I am buying isn’t on the open market, but directly through the companies with no broker, it takes days to buy and sell, however the stock is registered directly with the companies and if I wanted I could demand physical delivery of the stock certificates.

One thing to keep in mind is that stocks are not paper, these are real businesses. Calling a stock a piece of paper is like calling your house a piece of paper because the proof of ownership is a deed.

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Daniel Ameduri

Daniel Ameduri
Editor in Chief,