[su_quote cite=”Ron Paul” class=”wwd-post”]”We need to take away the government’s money power. The banking industry needs its welfare check ended. The dollar’s soundness depends on its being untied from the machine that can make an infinite number of copies of dollars and reduce their value to zero.”[/su_quote]

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One of the most annoying comments I hear from educated people is this talk of how the free markets don’t work, that they failed us, got us into bubbles, or somehow hurt our society. The free market is a myth, we haven’t had a free market here in the U.S. for at least the past 100 years!

If anyone believes we have a free market, then why is it possible for 1 man, not even an elected official or successful business man, just one man who has never even had a real job have the ability to move the market cap of every company in the world? Commodities, bonds, and entire currency markets?

Bernanke Promises More Money Printing

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Nothing is more crucial for a free market than having a free market currency, that doesn’t mean it has to be gold and silver, it just means it has to be something that we the people voluntarily accept. Precious metals do have a history as a free market currency due to their real value, they meet all the qualifications of money, medium of exchange, easily divisible, and a store of value.

My point to all those who hate capitalism and blame it for all your troubles, you are just simply ignorant of the world you live in. I’m not going to get into all the details of government regulation and the banking cartel, because it is easier just to look at these charts above. When one man gives a 30 minute speech and market caps all over the world rise or fall in value because of what one man says, that’s clearly not a free market.

By the way, it is an absolute joke that Bernanke would ever end QE; seriously, think about it, the FED is purchasing a net 90%+ of treasuries, who the hell is going to replace them? What would that exit strategy look like… Interest rates would spike, governments would default, and the world would fall into a deflationary collapse. This is a no brainer, the FED and the U.S. government’s stated enemy is deflation, if deflation occurs, tax revenues collapse and the illusion of government intervention gets exposed as a real fraud. So in my humble opinion, the FED will print and they will flood the world with dollars. It is true, the natural economic forces are deflationary, however at some point the FED will print so much that the economic forces will flip to inflationary and that is when it could get out of control. Prepare for that day, to profit and (as I have always said) for hard times as our entire economy gets restructured.

Lets just hope the free market doesn’t get blamed when this entire ponzi scheme implodes on itself. The best thing we can all do is to educate ourselves and help educate others about the real threats to our future. More government is the biggest trend I see right now and that is a scary reality.

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Robert L.
First off your work is amazing and has truly changed the way I look at my investments. Your silver video was one of the best researched videos I have ever seen. With that said, why has silver gone down for the past 2 years?

Daniel Ameduri
Robert, thank you for the feedback, we put a lot of time and effort into everything we do. As for silver, silver has been very good to us for the past 11 out of 12 years and we even consider the past 2 years a blessing as well. If you recall back in 2009 and 2010, silver was trading between $10-$15 and then in 2011 it just took off to $49. Today silver is trading in the $22 range, so we are buying on any dips, if silver goes back into the teens, that is when you will probably see us screaming from the roof tops. These type of pull backs are good and perfectly healthy.

I think I should also point out that all markets are manipulated, some up, some down, and silver happens to be one with a lot of downward pressure coming from the large bullion banks. Remember there are day trading opportunities and then there are investments. Silver is an investment, we have layed out the long term trend for you, peak production, rising costs, and increasing demand, so now you just have to build a position and wait.

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