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When it comes to getting a job, going to school, or buying a business, no sector in my opinion will do better than Health care. Not to say other sectors can’t do well or won’t do well, but one that has an overwhelming driving force behind it is anything and everything that has to do with helping baby boomers live more comfortable as they age.


Check out this chart of births in the U.S.

Notice the huge swell of births from 1946 to 1964, for those that don’t know this is the baby boomer generation. Our entire economy has become centered around this generation, from tax revenues to consumer spending, this generation leads the economy.

One of the main reasons we are in an economic depression, baby boomers with adult children are spending a lot less, in fact their spending as “empty nesters” has collapsed. Today they range in age between 49-67 years old, which means the largest generation in U.S. history, one that dwarfs the generation before and after it, is now entering the age of more medical visits, Viagra, assisted living, and much more health care.


We don’t know the full impact of ObamaCare yet, but what we do know is people are now being forced to purchase health care insurance. So when it comes to owning a business in that sector, you are certain to make more money. Imagine if the government forced everyone to purchase a Future Money Trends Smart Money Report membership, you think that would be bad for business?No way, so think of the health care businesses that way as well. These guys are going to rake in the profits exactly when demographics supported them seeing a huge increase in demand anyway.

Two companies that I am actively buying is Pfizer Inc. (PFE) and Becton Dickinson (NYSE:BDX).

PFE is nothing new for FMT members, we first suggested it in 2010 as one of our first stock suggestions (up 121%), we suggested it again last year (up 39%), and I am here to tell you that I still think PFE is one of the best companies in the world that you can own today. Now to be clear these are NOT day trades, these are companies I think you can buy and never sell.

I recently asked Joshua Enomoto to do some technical analysis for us, you can view the report by clicking here.

Remember, when buying a legacy stock, be patient, don’t chase the shares up or buy them above their trend channel, wait for it! Be like a lion waiting in the grass for a gazelle.

Becton Dickinson (BDX) is a new one we are suggesting on any pull backs, it has had quite a run here in the past few weeks, so buying now would probably not be getting you the best price. However, over the long term, I don’t think you can lose in this business. Yes shares may go up and down, but this business is NEVER going away.

BDX started in 1897 and today it literally controls the syringe market, with 30,000 employees in over 50 countries. BDX sells medical equipment that is used every day by the entire world, with over 60% of sales coming from outside the U.S.

BDX is broken into 3 business segments:

  • BD Medical which makes needles, syringes, catheters, insulin syringes, surgical needles, blades, scalpels, and critical care products.
  • BD Diagnostics covers cancer screening, blood tests, STD testing, and integrated systems for specimen collection.
  • BD Biosciences which provides cell analysis for research in clinical laboratories.

For those looking to profit from health care, I suggest you take a serious look at these two companies.To start, check out Joshua’s new report and become familiar with what may be a good entry point price for a business that you can profit from for decades.


Daniel Ameduri

SHARE DISCLOSURE: I own both of these companies, have NEVER sold a share, and plan to purchase more almost on a monthly basis. My children (1 & 3 yrs old) also own both of these companies through a regular direct share purchase program.