[su_quote cite=”Rick Rule” class=”wwd-post”]”Everyone wants to sell high, but nobody wants to buy low”[/su_quote]

Dear Member,

The most basic fundamental trading strategy is to buy low and sell high. However, almost everyone I know only feels comfortable buying things that are already rallying. Take for example stocks, 2013 will be the first net gain for funds moving into stocks. Only after stocks have more than doubled is the public ready to finally start buying shares again.

You have to think in 5-10 year increments to make the big money, but most importantly you have to overcome your emotions and buy what you know is right.

When you look at the fundamentals and realize that something is likely to go up in price due to new demand or limited supply and today it’s undervalued, then you buy and wait. If it goes down, you buy more.

Think of this amazing long term strategy, what if you committed to only buy long term investments when they were down?

What if you only bought something when it was at an extreme value?

This feeling of thinking you have to keep your investment dollars working is an emotion you have to conquer, I personally deal with it myself all the time. I just love putting new money to work….But if you can train yourself to only buy at extremes, you will become very wealthy throughout your life.

Today silver trades for below the cost of production. This fact alone means that silver is trading at an extreme.

Silver is the second most used commodity on earth after oil, the demand will continue to rise and supply will continue to shrink, especially now that the miners have been decimated.
Daniel Ameduri