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Dear Member,

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

We all have a lot to be thankful for…Believe me, I have never been this happy about the opportunity to make more money with our members than I am right now!

I just returned home from the Trader’s show in Las Vegas and the Metals & Minerals show in San Francisco.

Are you ready for the bottom in the resource sector? I know the pain has been there for over 3 years now and it is impossible to call an exact bottom, but what I saw over the past few days is very encouraging. I am talking about blood in the streets for the resource sector, with high quality companies down over 50% from their highs!

***Last year at the Metals & Minerals show over 200 junior resource stocks showed up to market their companies to just over 2,500 people. This year, only 61 companies showed up and the attendance was rock bottom. I could have safely bowled down the aisles, there was just a handful of investors walking around.

Honestly after seeing it get this bad, I wouldn’t mind if it got worse at this point just so I could buy more high quality companies along with physical silver, however, it’s pretty bloody out there right now.

Rick Rule of Sprott Asset Management told me that he feels both confident and comfortable buying at these levels.

These are life changing returns that are ahead of us in this sector… Keep an eye out for both high quality company stock suggestions, technical analysis, and day trade alerts (holding period 1-3 days with tight stops). Expanding
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Have a wonderful Holiday weekend!
Daniel Ameduri