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I figure we all have about 5 years to make as much money as we can before a dramatic shift takes place thatwill leave the American middle class shattered. The depression thus far has been papered over, the jobs being created are $10 per hour, and that’s IF you can find one. As new graduates enter the unemployment lines and entitlement spending soars, we are in for a world of hurt when the Bernanke asset bubbles peak.

This weekend I will announced my ‘all in’ investment idea, a business where I am putting my money, time, and energy. The idea is speculative due to its industry and market cap, but I feel comfortable telling even my grandmother about this idea. I have literally partnered with some of the best investors on earth and I think you should consider joining us.

On Sunday I will be releasing a video called, “The Best Opportunity This Decade.” It is only 6 minutes, watch it in full because some parts may be upsetting and shocking, so I would like everyone to see it from start to finish.

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Daniel Ameduri
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