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It’s been a while since I did a top 10 list, so I figured with summer winding down, now would be a good time.  Thriving in the U.S. depression will take extra income, so here is a quick list of ways you can make more money.

10. Buy a successful franchise. Look for a brand name; not some company you have never heard of. Stick with the Subways of the world: a name that has a built-in customer base.

9. Jump on right now and look for deals. Stick with what you know, search out those categories, and see if you can buy something undervalued and flip it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a house, car, boat, jewelry or a lawn mower, just look for the things that interest you.

8. Sign up for our Smart Money Newsletter. We have over 20 extra income ideas in 12 separate reports. They include everything from signing up to be paid on a fake jury to getting paid for taking surveys.

7. Find a local business to take over. Businesses are hard to sell for the most part; especially ones that are run by an individual owner. Local shops are always up for sale for an extra-long time, as the market for business buying is super small. Do a quick Google search for some businesses that interest you and you can likely find some businesses in your area.

6. Visit and turn an extra room in the house into a bed and breakfast. Offer up nightly rooms to your visitors during your available times and include a breakfast. Get to know travelers and make some easy money.

5. Become a bird dog in real estate. Tens of thousands of investors across the country are happy to pay people to tip them on vacant properties that are in bad condition. Our friends at L&A Real Estate Solutions are paying people up to $500 for good leads in several major cities in the U.S., and there are plenty of other investors out there just like them.

4. Get serious about your options trading. Find the best stocks in the world and start selling puts. You get paid for essentially running an insurance company, and just like an insurance company, the odds are in your favor. Less than 10% of puts ever get exercised, so the most likely scenario is that you will collect money every month from other investors for promising to buy a great company if the price goes down. I know, it almost sounds too good to be true. But it’s the real deal.

3. Become a share lord. Take your largest & safest holdings and sell call options on them. Might as well cash in while you hold some of the best businesses in the world like Apple, Exxon and other top names in our Forever Stock Portfolio.

Selling a call option is easy. All you are doing is giving other investors the option to buy your shares at a higher price than they are today. The risk is you don’t get any upside higher than the strike price, but in the meantime you are increasing your cash flow.

2. Use your skills to service the rich. Billionaire Rick Rule once told me that his advice to young people looking for work was to find something that helped rich people get richer.

It’s so true. Wealthy people are always looking for ways to be more productive with their money. Whether it’s helping them become more energy efficient or getting involved in a turnkey investment opportunity like real estate, right now you should think about the skills or knowledge you have that can help them.

I’ve recommended for years that prepping & digital currency consultants for the rich is a niche that is just waiting to be fulfilled.

1. Help me fill in the blank at

I would love nothing more than to flood our members with good ideas on how to generate extra income and thrive during the U.S. depression.

Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats. If you have a great idea, please take the time and write a short message to me at, where I will share our members’ ideas in a few weeks.

Have a prosperous week!
Daniel Ameduri

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