[su_quote cite=”Aristotle” class=”wwd-post”]”Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” [/su_quote]

Dear Member,

One of the riskiest ways to make money is having a corporate job…Now bare with me since this is the opposite of what we have all learned. Everyone of us at one point in time has learned that starting a business is risky, so much so that I would bet making this comment would not generate one negative response. However, I believe with everything in my heart, mind, and soul that owning a business is much less risky than having a job.

I can probably sum it up with this statement. Risk is about control, and as an employee you have none, so you inherently take on the maximum amount of risk. Working for a small business is also a great alternative to working for a large corporation, not only will you be an integral part of the company, but you will likely become like family which will add to your value and the value you receive in working.

3 Big Myths

Here are 3 big myths out there about entrepreneurship…As well as why I think you should avoid making money from a risky corporate job.
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  • Entrepreneurship is Riskier than having a Job

    No it’s not, not by a long shot. Entrepreneurs have multiple clients/customers, they can even fire their customers if they have a bad apple. For an employee it is the opposite, you have one boss who is your customer and at anytime they can fire you. Even for a fault not of your own, perhaps a corporate shakeup or worse, a bad decision made by your boss, or even a personality conflict.

  • Business Owners Work Long Hours

    Not true and when it’s true, it’s usually because they are passionate about what they are doing. When you love what you are doing and are in the middle of building your business, you choose to work long hours because you’re simply having too much fun.

  • I need a lot of Money to Start a Business

    I’ve personally seen a $1,200 investment turn into over $3 million, so I just can’t be sold on this idea. Plus, the fact is if you have a good idea and are passionate about it, the money will find you. From Crowd Funding to family, the money is out there. You can always find a partner or seed investor as well. The rich are ALWAYS looking for ways to grow their capital, if you have an idea, send it their way.

Becoming an entrepreneur is the easiest decision of the last 100 years. The days of pensions, company loyalty, health benefits, and the gold watches are over! I mean that, it truly is over.
Look at the temp agencies, these guys are booming. CMS 10 years ago made $69 million, today they are a billion dollar company.

Kelly Services is the #2 private employer in the country after Walmart. At the top of the USA, you have a temp agency and Walmart. In case you are curious…McDonald’s is the 3rd largest. I want you to not only prepare for the coming change, I want you to thrive.

Please feel free to reach out to myself or our staff at anytime; we love helping people with money questions, it’s what we do, so don’t ever feel like you are inconveniencing us.

Kind Regards,
Daniel Ameduri