[su_quote cite=”Steve Jobs” class=”wwd-post”]”Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me…Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful…That’s what matters to me.”[/su_quote]

Dear Member,

Over the weekend I had the privilege to speak at the Liberty Mastermind Symposium, founded by Robert Ian of and Kerry Lutz of the  The event was one of the best I’ve ever been to; it was 15 speakers, including myself, discussing liberty and the countdown to the collapse.

For those of you that missed out on this great event, I wanted to share with you the ideas I brought to the symposium. Here is the first part of my speech titled, “You Choose Your Destiny.”

You Choose Your Destiny

The world we all knew is gone. The corporate job with a pension is history… A college degree followed by a good job is in the past… And the current plan for retirement is proving to be an absolute disaster!  Americans for the past 5 decades have financed our prosperity, created a very expensive military empire, and are currently regulating the entrepreneur out of the country. [su_quote cite=”Aristotle” class=”wwd-post”]”Political solutions are a pipe dream, the solution is not the government.”[/su_quote]

When you begin to see just how bad our fiscal state is, it can be depressing. The national debt was 8 trillion in 2008, today it is nearing $18 trillion! Food stamp use 7 years ago was under 30 million people, today we have nearly 50 million people and over half of them are working age adults.

Then when you see the real effects of Obamacare, you start to see a picture that is just down right gloomy.  Nearly 10 years ago, shortly after Hurricane Katrina, I started prepping. I bought cheap cans of green beans and water bottles. I did this because I felt in my heart the sense of imminent danger and fear.  Today, many people are looking at the current state of the U.S. and the world and they are feeling the same thing, fear and imminent danger.

Over the years I have seen a lot of Ron Paul and Peter Schiff videos, two men I have the highest respect for, both of whom changed my life for the better. Yet, when I see a Ron Paul video from the 1970’s or 2014, his warning of a fiat currency crisis is identical, so is Schiff’s when watching a few videos he made in the late 90’s. I point this out not to discount their warning, but to show you that an inevitable crisis does not mean an imminent one. This is something I learned from Rick Rule, another man I have the highest respect for and is probably the smartest person I know.

Inevitability Doesn’t Equal Imminent

I think preparation for the future is prudent, but I think it is easy to go too far. The act of preparing for a crisis should quickly be changed to preparing to thrive for the next 30 years. Hoarding precious metals and ammo is not the answer, this idea that precious metal holders will arise from the ashes and then buy up all the oil wells and residential real estate is absurd.

[su_quote cite=”Aristotle”]One of the best statements I tell young people today is to prepare for the worst and then live your life. [/su_quote]

My friend Robert Ian told me a few years ago while discussing the economic collapse, he said what will they do to defend it? What will the FED do to defend the right to print money, to control the world…  Though I don’t spend one second on government solutions, I have considered a few big ideas on how the government could kick the can.
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  • Raise the retirement age – Giving social security another 30 to 50 years of life
  • Reset the currency – Tie it to gold, it’s not as if anyone will ever ask to see it
  • Have the Treasury take over the FED – Abolishing almost half our debt

You also have to consider that the U.S. dollar is currently backed by 5,000 nuclear warheads, not exactly something other nations will want to go against in the near term.  Remembering that for everyone in power the system works, is a good way to reflect on just how long they can keep the fraudulent economy going.

This is why you need to focus on your own life, how you can improve the quality of your own economy because ultimately you choose your destiny.

Daniel Ameduri