Monday July 23, 2014 Update

On Monday we released a new undervalued stock suggestion, Altius Minerals Corp. Our profile alert was at $13.95, the stock has rallied on above average volume this week to $14.80 as I write this.

The Buy Up to price for this cheap little stock is $16, if we continue to see it rally this week, please consider waiting for a pull back prior to buying more or entering a new position. ALWAYS set a trailing stop loss. For this high quality royalty mining company, we have suggested a 30% trailing stop.

Limiting your losses and locking in your profits needs to be a top priority. In case you missed our alert Monday morning, please read below. This is probably one of the safest and cheapest stocks available to us in the entire commodity sector.

Dirt Cheap Stock Suggestion

Dear Member,

It truly is time to go big in the most hated sector on earth.

Right now there is a company that is dirt cheap, it is small, but it generated $31 million in revenue last year. With a recent deal that number will increase by 10-fold!

They could be one of the best deals in the entire commodity sector, yet they are not even a mining company! Looking to make money from a rising gold price? Coal? Potash? Iron? Or how about platinum?

Instead of mining, this company prefers to generate partnerships or corporate structures related to the opportunities it generates, which results in royalty interests.

They are not part of any of the capital intensive work conducted by mining companies, they just share in on the profits as the resources are extracted.

For example, 10 years ago this royalty business paid under $14 million for a royalty on a mine. To date, this company has received $30 million from this one investment.

Right now, they are making similar deals with Potash and Coal, investing in these assets while the prices are extremely undervalued and hated.

I am confident we are buying this cheap stock at or near the end of the resource sector’s bear market. Across the board, the commodity stocks have been left for dead. They are hated, which is why this is the right time to love them.

An Easy Double or Triple in the next Few Years

Altius LogoAltius Minerals Corp.
TSE: ALS $13.89

Altius shareholders will benefit from a royalty portfolio of 12 stable, long life operating mines located in Canada. It is fully diversified with electrical coal, potash, nickel, metallurgical coal, copper, cobalt, iron ore, uranium, platinum, and gold.

We love aggressive CEO’s who press on during bear markets… Since the bear market started in 2011:
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  • Altius Spins out Alderon Iron Ore creating a 3% gross sales royalty and currently owns 25% of the company.
  • Acquires 8.2% of Virginia Mines, Inc.
  • Acquires 5.9% of Callinan Royalties Corp.
  • Acquires the PMRL Royalty Business and CDP for $502M in a partnership with Liberty Mutual.

Altius CEOBrian Dalton, Founder of Altius MineralsBrian Dalton’s (founder and CEO of Altius Minerals) business plan attempts to eliminate all the normal risks taken in the mining sector. Through diversification in assets, businesses, and cash flowing investments through royalty streams.

By finding early stage projects and advancing them just enough for the big guys to want to take them over. With major joint venture partners footing the bill, like BHP Billiton, Cameco, and Teck.

Buy Up to $16 with a 30% Trailing Stop Loss.

Have a prosperous week!
Daniel Ameduri