Ebola, ISIS, open borders, water shortages, debt, bailouts, Ukraine, Russia, and Hong Kong. Everywhere you look nowadays there is a new crisis brewing that you need to be worried about. You need to fear it, it will distract you, and it could be knocking at your front door any moment now. This relentless barrage of bad news has become so exhausting that I no longer watch TV for the sake of my own sanity. Nonetheless, some of these topics deserve closer examination to see through the fog of uncertainty. In this piece I’ll review the most fearful calamity of them all: ebola.

As most people know by now, ebola is the super virus ravaging the African continent. And despite the best efforts of health officials worldwide, the disease continues to spread within and outside the continent. But can we really say that health authorities are putting their best foot forward to manage the contagion? With the media constantly pumping ebola fear, why is the United States (or any country for that matter) still accepting flights from West Africa? Why are we bringing doctors back for treatment stateside when we can treat them overseas with the best possible care? The powers that be are seemingly scaring the public while concurrently doing everything in their power to maximize the risk of this disease entering America.

With the first confirmed case of ebola in America coming to us via Dallas, the cat is out of the bag. A simple flight ban from ebola hot zones would have prevented this from happening, but alas that would be the logical approach. When the US Government, with it’s unlimited resources, makes illogical decisions it belies an underlying agenda. Which agenda that is, I don’t know. I do not think the master plan is to kill all Americans…it would be impractical to eliminate the entire tax payer base. However, an agenda dealing with forced innoculations cannot be ruled out as the current situation has all the ingredients to justify such a program. And what about Africa? 3000 US troops are on the ground in Africa now and I doubt they leave anytime soon. Problem – reaction – solution: whatever the truth is, something is amiss. I don’t like it.

Further complicating this picture is the current state of our open borders in the United States. The Federal Government is letting in thousands of illegal immigrants from South & Central America in addition to Mexico, and they are being placed in taxpayer subsidized 3housing. Infectious diseases follow these population flows and many state officials have stated their serious concerns regarding the spread of these foreign agents. Nonetheless, the Obama administration has done nothing to stem this inflow of health & safety risk even in the backdrop of growing ebola concerns. In fact, they continue to enable the corruption of our borders thereby putting the health and well being of all Americans at risk. Why?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers and I don’t know which is worse: gross incompetence or strategic self destruction. Prescient individuals must take action in these extraordinary times to mitigate this growing political risk. The most pressing initiative must be to stay healthy. Diet, exercise, immunity boosters, & vitamins – it’s time to get serious about being physically resilient. Exhibiting symptoms of the common cold could get you in deep water if quarantines become the norm so invest in your own well being to ensure you stay off the CDC’s radar.

Once your health affairs are in order, the second order of business is very simple. Live your life. Keep working, build your business, and excel in your career. Make money. As long as I can remember, the world has always been on the highway to hell and those who push on, persevere, and block out the everyday static will thrive. Always be aware of the risks, but control what you can control and assemble your war chest. At the end of the day the more wealth you have the more protected you will be.

In conclusion, the addition of ebola into the age of crisis provides yet another bogey to watch out for in daily life. Those who continue to think rationally and mentally condition their minds to see through the daily dose of fear will be more equipped to defend their wealth & freedoms. You don’t need to fear it, neverending crisis need not distract you, and chances are it will not turn up at your front door. Never let a serious crisis go to waste – learn, prepare, & thrive.