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As you journey through your own 28 Thousand days, one very powerful emotion will be very present in your life, fear. My own life experience was practically fearless as a teen and person in my young 20′s. Then, after a major financial set back, for a short time, financial fear consumed me. The idea of being poor.

It’s funny, as I created wealth, built a business, and became financially free, I ended up realizing that to be rich in pleasure doesn’t really cost that much. Wealth creates options, but you don’t need financial wealth to be happy.

Quality of Life Has Increased

The quality in my life has increased dramatically over the years, but it’s not because I bought a mansion, nice car, or some type of luxury item. I actually live in a smaller house in California, drive a 2 year old Yukon and 11 year old Nissan. However, I literally spend all day with my children and wife. An average day for me is like what a weekend used to be.

The family wakes up, lounges around for 30 minutes, eats breakfast, and then we usually sit in the living room talking or drinking coffee while the kids play around my wife and I. About  90 minutes into the day, I will head to my home office and spend about 4 hours researching, writing for, and replying back to email questions.  Around 1pm we either take a family nap, review new investments, or I will read while the kids nap. At about 3pm I call it a day and spend the remainder of the day with the family.

I am rich in pleasure, but it doesn’t cost a dime. Even though we are high income earners, our expenses are ultra low, all in our mandatory expenses are about 10% of our income. This is where eliminating debt really pays off.

When it comes to fear, ask yourself, “what is the most likely worst case scenario?”

What You Will Find

  1. It usually isn’t that bad and
  2. Even the worst case scenario can’t eliminate the real joys you have in life.

Enjoy Your Time with Family

The enjoyment of spending time with family is free and if you are worried about where you will live, you can always move to a place with cheaper rent or just buy something outright. All over the country and world, you can find housing for less than $100,000; if you are open to a mobile home, you might find something for less than $15,000. My point in all of this is that for very little in actual living costs, you can live a very rich life.

Understanding this has helped me limit my fears, because every time I make a large investment or big change in my life, I realize that even if everything goes wrong, I am just too rich in pleasure to worry about money.

If you find yourself living in fear of something, think about the most likely worst case scenario and then think about how you will react to it. See yourself accepting this failure, dealing with it, and then moving on. Bad stuff happens every week and all the time, accept that even in the worst case scenario, you will survive and move on.

Being rich in pleasure can include anything that gives you joy. Some of the other pleasures in life are cooking great meals with my wife, enjoying a nice glass of wine, taking the kids to the park, dancing in the car to a good song, or just relaxing with friends at a local coffee shop.

All of these actives cost little to nothing, even a $20 bottle of wine divided 3 ways comes out to less than $7 an evening.

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Here is a Great Exercise!

Right now, make a list of the things in life that give you great pleasure. I think you will discover that you are not only rich in pleasure, but that to continue doing these activities for life, you will need very little money.[/su_note]

Have a great week!
Daniel Ameduri

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