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Making a bet on capital appreciation is a speculator’s game, and it is one where you can make a lot of money. It’s how many millionaires were created overnight. It’s that decision; the one position or single moment where you stay the trade in order to maximize your profits to the point of changing your life forever.

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With a desire and a purpose to deliver the first and only personal finance letter for the new economy, safety has been our top concern in helping you build wealth. This is why when it comes to speculating, it takes an extreme situation for us to bring it to your attention.

The best extremes are ones where the question is when an investment rises, not if… One of the most reliable forms of energy is trading at an extreme low right now!

A Major Fuel Used for Generating Electricity Worldwide.
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  • 43% of the World!
  • 81% of China
  • 38% of the USA
  • 69% of Australia
  • 71% of India
  • 48% of Indonesia
  • 44% of Germany
  • 95% of Mongolia
  • 93% of Africa

Clearly we are looking at an energy source that isn’t going anywhere…In fact, it’s safe to say that for much of the world, the ability to read this letter on your computer is thanks to coal. Coal is the ultimate energy fuel for generating electricity worldwide. I know, for environmentalists reading this, you may just be coming to a realization that the all those electric cars you have been advocating for are likely powered by coal, the biggest source of manmade CO2 emissions.

This, of course, has nothing to do with why we are going to invest in coal, but I did want to be the one to point that out to you in case anyone reading this has a “coal is dirty” bumper sticker on the back of their Chevy Volt.

This Chart Makes Me Greedy….

From its 2011 highs, this commodity is used to power 40% of the world, and double that when you look at where nearly half the world lives. India & China’s coal usage ranges from 71 to 81%.

Why is Coal Down So Much?

A combination of low natural gas prices, a slowing Chinese economy, and a strengthening dollar have put coal into a severe bear market. However, coal’s use continues to grow by about 2% a year. India alone is set to double its use of coal by 2045.

It’s a 3-year trade with minimal risk, and at least a double for the upside. Possibly even higher if we see the same 1,200% rally that started in 2003 – the last time coal experienced a bear market this severe.

Buy Market Vectors-Coal ETF (KOL) Up to $19.50

Set a 33% Trailing Stop

KOL holds a basket of 33 international coal producers, shippers and equipment makers. Since 2008, KOL has seen nearly two 50% declines, and today is down 70% from its 2008 high and nearly the same from its 2011 high.

Coal’s use is significant to society because ultimately it comes down to this: either the price of coal rises or the lights go out…

The lights go out for 38% of Americans, 93% of South Africans and 81% of the Chinese. Let me tell you, the lights aren’t going out because seeing the size and importance of fuel that comes from coal, the coal price is set to rise dramatically.

The Safest Coal Stock Right Now is Paying a 9% Dividend!

Tomorrow, in our Smart Money Members area, we will be releasing our 4th Cash Flow for Life Letter. So far we have revealed a secret dividend stock that pays out 10% to its shareholders, and a real estate strategy I have been using to make hundreds of thousands of dollars without ever having to call up a bank, have my credit checked, or even show a bank statement…

Tomorrow’s update will take us back to a publicly traded company that literally buys coal properties along with the equipment, and then leases it out to other companies. They don’t engage in any of the permuting process, government regulations, or even the risk of running a coal company. Instead, they just buy the real estate and cash the checks!

This company essentially tracks the coal price, but because it is a cash gushing machine, it rewards its shareholders with a great dividend.

Its chart, like coal, is brutal; trading as high as $41 a few years ago, today it trades for less than $15.

I believe this is the safest coal stock in the world right now…1. Because of its business model, and 2. Because it has been acquiring some of the best coal properties in the U.S. as the bear market has caused a “blood in the streets” moment for its industry.

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Daniel Ameduri