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The best way to dramatically change your wealth is to be an early investor in an industry that will change everything. Think about the computer eliminating typewriters or how our cell phones replaced pagers, land lines, and ultimately even our cameras. Remember back when we used to have to take our camera roll to Walgreens and then wait an hour before we could see our pictures? When is the last time an Encyclopedia salesperson knocked on your door? The internet destroyed that business model.

In economics this is called, “Creative Destruction.” Entire industries are destroyed while new and improved ones are born. Businesses either adapt or go away forever…. Investors in these old businesses will lose all previous gains as the old business model goes bankrupt; or instead they can make millions and even billions by providing capital to the new technology.

A Major Trend that will Replace one of the Oldest Industries in America

Cigarettes kill people, with over 4,000 chemicals, the tobacco industry is a business that rewards its most loyal customers with disease and an early death. What we are witnessing is the birth of a multi-billion dollar industry that within the next 25 years will be larger than big tobacco.

E-cigarettes are being used everywhere, literally, I was almost startled by a large cloud of vapor going up in the air while at the grocery store the other day. I was shocked because I couldn’t believe someone was smoking, then as I took a second look, I realized it wasn’t smoke, it was just harmless water vapor.

The e-cigs aren’t all good, they do have the nicotine in them, but certainly less harmful than a traditional cigarette. Hollywood is also pushing this trend to the public. At the most recent awards show there were dozens of actors puffing water vapor.

[su_quote]Big tobacco companies have been some of the best investments of the last 100 years, safe, reliable, and one of the few sectors that did well during the 1930’s.[/su_quote]

In fact, if you look at the most recent pull back in the S&P 500, the biggest tobacco stocks actually saw an inflow of money. Last week when the Dow Jones was down 200 points in a single day, one of our Forever Stock positions that is considered a “big tobacco stock” was up 9%. This company by the way controls 50% of the e-cigarette market.

[su_quote]We are currently working on new stock suggestions for all of our members, both large cap and micro-cap ideas that will surely profit from this massive trend.[/su_quote]

The tobacco business started during the colonial years and today we are seeing a real competitor, a true alternative rise up. Like the automobile or TV, this will be a multi-decade trend that will take 30 years to fully become the dominate business in its sector. This is why it makes for a great investment idea now in our opinion, because this will be 30+ years of gains in one of the safest industries in the world!

Look for future updates on this trend soon.

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