Bitcoin is the decentralized currency & payment network that was allegedly created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Unlike other digital currencies of the past, the open source & decentralized nature of Bitcoin makes it resistant to attacks, seizure, & manipulation. Basically, you can’t “shut down” Bitcoin because there is no “Bitcoin Company” and this innovative thought seed of decentralization will inevitably disrupt the wider marketplace beyond money in the near future. With all that being said, as you can probably tell, we like Bitcoin. In this article we’ll tell you a few reasons why:


Consumers will be hard pressed to find a more efficient means to pay for goods on the internet. When you buy something on with Bitcoin, the transaction is instantaneous, easy, and safe. When a credit card is used, you have to enter all your personal information onto the website (i.e. identity theft risk) in addition to waiting several days for the transaction to clear. That, and the online merchant is likely adding 3% to the cost of the item to counterbalance what the credit cards charge them. Bitcoin solves all of these annoyances. Transactions are instant, pseudonymous (you don’t have to enter your personal information) and more competitive as there is no charge for the merchant to use Bitcoin. Lower prices, increased security, and high-speed transactions make Bitcoin the undisputed champion on the internet of money.


Bitcoin liberates the world from the centralized money management policies that ignite the boom and bust cycles that permeate history. Central banks have a bad habit of poorly managing the money supply and Bitcoin provides the average person a means to opt out of the proverbial house of cards that is today’s financial system. Being open source and without a centralized point of control means that Bitcoin is only beholden to the network – a network managed by mathematics, not greed & political leverage.

Upside is always looking for undervalued investment opportunities with significant upside. When it comes to explosive future potential, Bitcoin is right there with gold, silver, & the junior mining sector. Bitcoin as a “product” has a legitimate shot at disrupting the biggest market in the world. Bigger than healthcare, industry, transportation, and insurance, it’s the world of finance that encompasses “all of the above” and Bitcoin stands to turn this world upside down. That’s upside we’re willing to bet on.

Hovering around $400 Bitcoin is less than a third of it’s all time high of over $1200. With merchant adoption continuing to gather steam and venture capital coffers surging into Bitcoin start-ups, it’s only a matter of time before the cryptocurrency hits the mainstream. At the end of the day this is economically sound money that brings a better product to the market at a lower cost. Suffice it to say, those aforementioned dynamics are telltale signs of any prescient investment. Further, while price can always decrease given the nascent nature of the industry, the fundamentals are a screaming buy over the long-term. When the rest of the world “likes” Bitcoin the price upside is unlimited, and if you have the conviction to stay the trade and believe in the value proposition of the underlying technology, hop on board because it’s going to be a wild ride.