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With a very volatile precious metal market, especially in the shares, many have wondered this past month if the bull market has already ended.

In early August, we warned of a private placement headwind that could last into October…

Just ten days ago, we publicly stated that the gut-wrenching correction is over and that we are feeling more certain about it… No doubt the sector had a good shake out, but I am 100% confident the bull market is fully in tact, and ready to surge much higher.

Gold, for September, was up 0.6%. Silver rose 2.8% and the GDXJ, which tracks the juniors saw a 7% gain for the month. We suspect that what we are looking at is a far greater rally going into the last part of the year.

The silver chart specifically is showing an inverted head and shoulders pattern, which could mean a violent rise for silver could be imminent!

Silver, right now, looks to be set up for a significant move higher!

Due to the bear market, corrections can feel like the “end” for investors today, but as noted in our Keith Neumeyer interview last week, these types of moves are normal. It’s why the sector is also where the biggest profits are.

Three of our suggestions have come off their highs, and we think now is a great time to add to those positions.

1. Golden Arrow Resources (TSXV: GRG), recommended at CAD$0.77, saw a high of $1.45, and today it trades for $0.96. We like it here – a lot.

This is a big play on their agreement with Silver Standard, as well as Joe Grosso, who runs the company. They have a 245 million ounce silver deposit, and this is a must-own for silver investors, in our opinion.

2. K92 Mining (TSXV: KNT), recommended at CAD$0.90, saw a high of $2.15, and recently closed for $1.48.

We aren’t into making price predictions, so we won’t, but you have to consider the asset they bought from Barrick is actually higher than their market cap today. High-grade gold production is imminent, and they have a world class team in charge of exploration – including some of the men responsible for one of the the largest gold discoveries in history. This is a big winner, in our opinion, that gold investors should consider owning.

Looking at a comparative gold producing company, KNT could easily see a 500% move from here.

3. First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG) we suggested at $2.50. It ran to $18.42, and today it trades for $10.30.

This is the purest silver play on earth, and a screaming buy recommendation.

If silver does what we expect it will do, then I don’t know why you wouldn’t have a heavy position in this stock. Whatever silver does, we predict First Majestic will do 6x the gain.

Always remember that we have no idea what your financial position is, and this is not individual advice. I also don’t have a crystal ball, so for all I know, these amazing stock suggestions could crash and go to zero. Be responsible, and only invest money that you can afford to see fluctuate on a daily basis.

Have a great week!

Daniel Ameduri
Share Disclosure: I am long Golden Arrow Resources, K92 Mining, and First Majestic Silver.

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