A millionaire if far much different than an average person. Surprisingly, they depict certain common character traits that are not related to money at all. These character traits are summed up into what we call daily habits or rituals that lead to improved health and productivity over time. Let’s have a look at these eight daily rituals of millionaires.

They have a Must-Do List

According to statistics in the US, 81% or rich people keep a list of essential things they have to do on a daily basis compared to 20% of people living average life. Most of them complete their lists and even surpass their targets daily.

They Wake Up Early

During an interview in his office, Donald Trump said he wakes up at five in the morning and go to his office at the Trump Organization by seven. He is just a sample of many successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, and politicians who wake up between five and six in the morning to get things done. They take this quiet and refined time to reflect and make plans for their day.


Millionaires spend a lot of their time at the office or in meetings. As a result, their bodies can quietly wear out and become weaker. Many Wall Street millionaires acknowledge that exercise forms a significant part of their daily routine. You can emulate what this special group of people are doing to make yourself better in health and more productive. Take at least ten minutes in the morning or after work to do some simple exercises.

They Eat Healthy

If you think millionaires spend their money to order the most expensive pizza or cheeseburger in town, you are wrong. Most of them eat healthy foods to get their money working gear at the top working condition. While you chuckle on unhealthy diet, millionaires are eating healthy foods that include food, vegetables and whole grains. Eat well and save on the junky foods just like the millionaires.

They Strive to Improve Themselves

A common person will say he or she wants to get better. Getting better is much different from making it as a priority that you can do. Most successful people never stop to improve themselves. They are constantly working on a daily basis trying to identify what they can do best and what can work for them. You can be like the millionaires if you are willing to identify what you can do to improve yourself. Be it exercise, learning or creating something, spend more time working on it.

They Read Newspapers

Just like Donald Trump who takes one hour to read newspapers in the morning, most millionaires read financial times and other journals. They read such publications to challenge themselves to learn new things about entrepreneurship and finance. You won’t be surprised to find a pile of street journals and economists editorials in their offices.

They Always Want to Learn

A millionaire will never stop to learn new techniques that can help him or her improve life. That is why you will find wealthy folks in Podcasts, TED talks and Real books. This shows how rich people are absorbing more knowledge. Most of them also listen to audio books at their free time or when commuting to work.

They Dedicate a Time to Reflect

Millionaires usually take ten to sixty minutes a day to reflect on their achievements and failures. This way, they become more effective at what they do. Self-reflection also helps them become better rounded people in the society.

There are several rituals people follow to achieve success, but the basic rituals discussed above can ensure you jump start your journey to becoming a better and successful person in future just like the millionaires.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who focuses on personal finance and other money matters. She currently writes for, where you can get personal checks and business checks.