Gold Stacker Amir Adnani Stuns Investors Again!

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If you’re a gold bug or just someone who likes to make money, you’re going to love this investment idea.

I remember being at a private dinner hosted by Rick Rule when he revealed the strategy that’s made him the most money in the natural resource sector.

He called it “optionality,” where you own companies that have gold resources in the ground and who know how to make smart acquisitions, building up massive gold hoards for their shareholders.

The stock that Rick Rule highlighted that evening was GoldMining Inc. (TSXV: GOLD & US: GLDLF).

***At the time, GoldMining Inc. had 3.3 million ounces of gold resources (measured & indicated eq.).***

Today, that number has risen to 26 million ounces!

They have an additional 2 million ounces of historic gold resources officially being added as of last Friday, when they closed their Yellowknife acquisition in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

Management took advantage of the bear market and they seized the moment this year when we saw a correction in the price of gold.

I don’t think even Rick Rule could have predicted how well this would turn out for investors. Or maybe he did, his group happens to be the largest single shareholder of the company. 

In just a few hours from now, I’ll be sitting with Rick and Amir for an interview at the Sprott Resource conference, where Amir is one of the few invited to highlight his company, GoldMining Inc., to high-net-worth investors and fund managers.

I’ll turn this around fast. I want to get this in-person interview to you before Amir speaks to a packed room of hungry investors here in Vancouver, where Sprott is holding its four-day conference.

Jim Rickards, David Stockman, and many others are here as well. I’ll do my best to hunt them all down for a chat about the economy and gold.

Consider taking a strategic position in GoldMining Inc. (TSXV: GOLD & US: GLDLF).

This company has never seen so much gold in the ground.

The valuation is more attractive now than it’s ever been!

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Daniel Ameduri

Editor’s Note: Currently, the largest single shareholder of GoldMining is a fund run by Marin Katusa and Rick Rule, two extraordinary investors in the resource space.

The second-largest single shareholder is Amir Adnani himself, the founder and Chairman.

Myself, family, and staff are also long GoldMining Inc.

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