U.S. Gold Corp. (USAU) is Drilling a Massive Gold Project!

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With Gold Standard Ventures’ (GSV) Dave Mathewson at the helm for exploration, this is a must-have for any gold portfolio looking for some potential luster with elephant-sized discovery potential.

Here are the key takeaways from their recent press release…

  1. A new drilling program at Gold Bar North, located on the Cortez Trend, has begun!
  2. Dave Mathewson, the former go-to exploration geologist for Newmont and Gold Standard, has identified multiple Carlin-type deposit target areas.
  3. Follow-up drilling will be conducted on positive results obtained from earlier this year.

Mr. Mathewson, U.S. Gold Corp.’s (USAU) Vice President and Head of Exploration, stated that “It’s the best exploration project I have seen in my career. Reminds me of the Railroad project (Gold Standard Ventures discovery) on steroids.”

We’ve witnessed this before – I mean, this is almost the exact same set-up as Gold Standard Ventures, where Dave Mathewson’s team led to the consolidation of the Railroad-Pinion district and the discoveries of North Bullion, Sylvania, and Bald Mountain deposits.

Luke Norman is the co-founder of Gold Standard Ventures and U.S. Gold Corp. (USAU), as well as a master when it comes to advancing early-stage companies quickly. Gold Standard Ventures increased from a $15 million market cap to a billion dollars largely based upon Mathewson-led discoveries and Luke Norman driving the business development.

The Keystone property position controls the entire district-scale opportunity and is comprised of approximately 15 square miles of mining claims!

In addition to Dave Mathewson, we will also have Tom Chapin on the technical advisory team for exploration. Tom was the senior geologist at the Cortez Gold Mine for Barrick Gold, the largest gold company on the planet.

We are going to be focused on the Keystone project because that’s where the glory will be if Mathewson scores big for us on U.S. Gold Corp. (USAU).

This is the right team, and it’s in the area of major gold deposits.

It’s also a speculative exploration stock, so that means high-risk, high-reward. I want you to enjoy getting rich when we are right and avoid being poor if we are wrong. Always take into consideration that I have no idea what your financial position is or your risk tolerance.

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Daniel Ameduri

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