Silver Sees Record Short Covering…

Gold Also Seeing Massive Commercials Covering

Dear Reader,

Investors and institutions around the globe are on the brink of a major gold breakout to the upside!

The case for gold rising is solid, and what I want to share with you today is one of the best ways I know of to position yourself to make the most of the precious metals rally in the final months of 2017.

Here is a very important gold stock suggestion, and I have to say it could perhaps be a perfectly timed one.

First, let’s compare this gold company to its peers, because I want you to see why we are hand selecting it as the company you’ll want to be accumulating heading into the next big move higher for the precious metals.

Last year, from the junior mining ETF low to its high, it saw a 187% increase. That’s not bad at all and a very good move considering gold’s high of 2016 was 29%.

Clearly, the mining shares are where you want to be if gold is on the move to the upside, but what few fully appreciate is that it really is just a handful of winners that lead the entire sector.

Our top winner in 2016 ran from CAD$0.39 to CAD$3.15 – that’s 684%!

It beat physical gold by 23 times and the gold ETF by nearly 4 times.

What’s even more important to me, especially when I know my own mother is buying my stock recommendations, is the downside track record.

How does an individual stock respond during the tough times?

By the end of February 2017, gold and the shares took a big hit. However, as you know, during the end of 2016, the entire sector had already gone through a good, solid correction.

So what did our big winner do when the GDXJ crashed 23% from February to the summer of 2017? It pulled back by about 10% and then began to consolidate and build a firm support line.

This is a stock that outperforms, pure and simple. It does better on the upward moves and holds up firmer on the downside volatility, which is extremely important, in my opinion.

The gold stock that I think you should very seriously consider buying — in fact, taking a sizable position in — also has something that I refer to as the double-“A” effect.

All of these small gold stocks, where the biggest profits are, always come down to the people at the top.

If you want to own a gold mining share, you’ll either partner with the few unicorns in the industry or you’ll suffer through the stock hell and a complete loss of capital.

This sector is not for the conservative investor, and I tell you this as someone who believes we can make a fortune investing in it right now. Most investors will not make a dime. In fact, they’ll lose big!

With the gold stock we are recommending to you today, consider making it your largest position now!

**25% of the stock is held by insiders of the company.

**35% is held by institutional investors.

**It trades today for CAD$1.69, with two independent price targets from Rodman & Renshaw and Cantor Fitzgerald coming in at CAD$4.30 and CAD$4.50.

**The largest shareholders are Rick Rule of Sprott Asset Management, Doug Casey of Stansberry Research, and top fund manager Marin Katusa of Katusa Research.

**It has a joint venture with a billion-dollar giant.

The reason why it attracts such a high-quality group of investors and both institutional and legendary individual fund managers is because of the double-“A” effect.

If you want the person who is leading your company to think of every detail on how to grow your dollars and over-deliver real value to shareholders, you have to partner with Amir Adnani.

According to legendary investor Rick Rule, “Amir is a force of nature.”

I’ve witnessed this myself. The man is unstoppable and more disciplined than anyone you’ve ever met or read about.

It’s why his gold stock, GoldMining Inc. (TSXV: GOLD & US: GLDLF), continues to be one of the best recommendations I can give you.

This is especially true today!

Since March of 2017, for the past 5 months, the stock has been building a massive base here at CAD$1.68.

If you ever wanted to know what a bottom looks like or a solid base of support for a stock, this is it. Look at a chart of GoldMining (GOLD).

The set-up here, in our analysis, is that as gold goes up, we are going to see a big move for GOLD.

In our opinion, partnering with Amir Adnani and buying shares of GoldMining now could be one of the most well-timed recommendations we’ve ever given you.

I mean to put it bluntly. Look at the chart: the downside here looks to be extremely limited, with enormous support right here at these levels… At a time when we believe physical gold is about to soar.

This company has $19.5 million in cash, no debt, and 19 million ounces of gold resources (measured & indicated).

It has 24 million ounces of gold, if you include the silver and copper resources.

I’ll have more details to share with you this week, including their press release on Friday, which disclosed additional gold ounces that weren’t even factored in when reviewed by the analysts who gave them a price target 170% higher than they trade for today.

Anyone looking to position themselves for a move higher in the precious metals needs to consider owning GoldMining Inc. (TSXV: GOLD & US: GLDLF).

We’ll have another update for you very soon, including an interview with Amir Adnani and Rick Rule together.

Have a very profitable day!

Daniel Ameduri

Editor’s Note: I am long GoldMining Inc. and consider it one of my most important and strategic positions for the gold sector.

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