LedgerX Will Transform Cryptocurrencies

Dear Reader,

When everyone was focused on the hard fork for Bitcoin last month, some of the most bullish news possible was announced for the currency.

LedgerX, a New York institutional trading and clearing company, received approval from the CFTC to operate the first federally regulated exchange and clearinghouse for derivatives contracts settling in digital currencies.

This is huge, and it means LedgerX can trade, clear, and settle in Bitcoin and Ethereum options.

Here is why this is the most bullish news we’ve ever seen for the cryptocurrencies.

Once the options market is available to investors, large institutional money will be able to enter into this trade.

Essentially, the floodgates are about to burst open, with billions of dollars pouring into the cryptos.

For now, we are sticking with our two recommendations for the space: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Everything you need to know about buying them can be learned by clicking here.

We are raising our buy-up-to price for Bitcoin up to $5,500. For Ethereum, buy up to $500.

Special WARNING!

The blockchain and Bitcoin-related public companies are coming, and it’s a real cesspool.

We’ve now reviewed over 30, and all of them are total garbage.

In our opinion, don’t buy a single blockchain stock right now.

I know the hype is tempting, but the sharks of the financial industry are all over this. has identified one company that we believe will be the most important stock suggestion we ever recommend. It’s a real blockchain company, with all the upside of the coins themselves. 

We will reveal this company soon, but for now, be on guard for the potential companies that call themselves blockchain companies.

This is going to be one of the most profitable events for us, but we need to be disciplined and not get caught up in hype.
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Daniel Ameduri