I’ve Waited 2 Years for This Moment…

When Inevitability Turns Into Imminent!

Dear Reader,

The sector that has made all of these legendary investors legendary is breaking out big-time.  Doubling or even tripling our money by the summer is in the cards.

Mark my words: a violent uranium rebound is now underway!  When the price of uranium moves, there is nothing like it.  It’s what helped legendary investors like Rick Rule take small funds and turn them into hundreds of millions of dollars.

With only a handful of companies to own, I am going to give you the one stock that will in no doubt get more coverage than any other in 2017.

It’s dirt cheap, has a former energy secretary as its executive chairman, management is well known to the incoming energy secretary, and it boasts top shareholders like Sprott, Vanguard, and Fidelity.

Strategic shareholders include those like one of the richest men in all of Asia, Li Ka-shing’s CEF Fund.  The KCR Fund is also included, which stands for “Katusa-Casey-Rule,” which are pretty much the top names in the entire resource space!

Last year, we saw Amir Adnani’s gold company lead the gold sector (high of 583%), and in 2017, I have no doubt that if you’re going to invest in uranium, you’ll want to own shares of Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC).

It’s headed up by Amir Adnani, with former Energy Secretary of the United States Spencer Abraham as the executive chairman!  It’s the only unhedged, production-ready uranium company in the world!

And it’s probably the smartest one, too. While other uranium producers committed mining suicide by selling their uranium for a loss or at a next-to-nothing profit, UEC, who achieved production in 2011, decided to shut down production entirely when uranium prices crashed.

Today, uranium prices are still at rock-bottom levels, but all signs point to the unleashing of a very aggressive bull market.

1. Uranium prices hit a low of $17.80 on November 30th, 2016. By January 8th, it was $22, and as of last night, uranium traded as high as $25 per pound. This is a big move, but according to JP Morgan, the price needs to reach $65 or higher to have a sustainable market.

2. This week, Kazakhstan, the world’s top uranium producer announced that they will cut production by 10% due to low prices.

3. Cuts by Canadian and Australian miners are also underway.

This sector has been left for dead by many investors and is hated, which is why profit-seeking investors should love it.  20% of U.S. households rely on the electricity generated from uranium. In places like France, it’s 75%!Rick Rule, of Sprott Asset Management, put it to me this way: “We have two options: either the uranium price goes up or the lights go out.”  The last time we saw uranium prices this low, it went vertical. From 2004 to mid-2007, the price went from $16 to $136 per pound!

In our opinion, the bottom is in for uranium, and 2017 will be a year to take positions in the sector, enjoy some potential early gains, and prepare for what will probably be one of the most stunning bull markets you’ve experienced from 2017 to 2021.

Consider shares of Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) up to $2.25. Expect us to raise this significantly should uranium surpass $28.73 per pound.

Look for a full and complete profile of UEC in the coming days.  This is a deep-value play, with shares currently trading for $1.48.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

Share Disclosure: I am long UEC