Dear Reader,

The Federal Reserve (FED) decided to hold off on their imminent rate hike that has kept the markets spooked for weeks.

For propaganda, 3 doves on the board voted in favor of raising interest rates, sending markets a message that a real rate hike may not have come this time, but it’s coming soon… Total BS. Seriously, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but that was obviously staged to make the markets and media think that the FED is truly going to begin to raise rates because the economy is just doing so great.

One of the dissenters was Eric Rosengren, the biggest cheerleader out there for additional FED stimuli. Now, all of a sudden, we are to believe he’s in favor of tightening up and raising rates. I am sorry, but this doesn’t add up.

None of it ever does, of course, considering the FED keeps talking about how great the economy is, yet they are still holding rates down at crisis levels.

From the central bank’s mother ship, the IMF, here is the actual growth of the world economy, and here are their annual forecasts for the last 5 years.

Keep in mind that these forecasts and speeches move markets, and even with their own inflated GDP statistics, they get it wrong by a lot! This truly is noise, which is why we have to focus on value. Whether we are investing or delivering value for our main source of income, never allow the nonsense from the FED, media, or the markets distract you.A quick update on gold: it’s sitting here at its 55-day moving average. If it breaks above $1,350, that is likely an “all aboard” signal for new 52-week highs to come quickly.Remember that the mining shares outpace the physical metal by about 4 to 5x, so don’t let these recent sales on a few of the mining shares go by without using this correction as an opportunity to better position yourself.


Daniel Ameduri