Dear Reader,

94% of all jobs created since the 2008 crisis were freelance or part-time work that did not require a degree.

I know this is like trashing someone’s religion, so I’ll tread softly… Actually, I won’t, because the truth is college degrees are pointless for young people today. For parents saving up for little ones, consider this a big money saver for you, because you don’t need to save for college anymore. 40% of college grads right now are working in a job that doesn’t require a degree, and this trend will only accelerate.

Government regulations, both state and federal, are making employees a big liability, and technology, along with globalization, is helping companies to either automate or downsize.

Unfortunately, the government has also created a complete fiasco in the student loan business, causing tuition to rise faster than inflation every single year for the past 39 years straight! Aside from how fast things are changing in our job market, I really do question what exactly it is that kids will learn in college that they can’t get from the Internet or a mentor.

Great schools like MIT have their entire courses online now, including videos, tests, and homework assignments.

Passionate teachers across the world are now delivering free courses to anyone at the Khan Academy online. Early math, trigonometry, pre-calculus, statistics and probability, it’s all there with the best instructors absolutely free! Outside of needing a government license that requires a college degree, like becoming a doctor or attorney, why are millions of young people racking up debt today to get a piece of paper to hang on the wall? Successful people are going to learn what they need to — with or without a college degree — and attract the right people into their lives.

College is now extremely expensive, with very little return on investment.

Millennials were the first to experience this reality, with multiple layoffs, lower than promised income that their high school counselors sold them on, and a monthly obligation for their student loans that is delaying many other financial decisions.

The alternative to college is learning freely all around you, from local mentors and authors to teachers online. And, of course, there is an unbelievable amount of information we all have access to on the Internet.

I’ve spoken to many other business owners, and I’ve yet to meet one who holds college degrees in high esteem. Even those that do have degrees themselves, after building their businesses, realize that going to college was taking the long way to adulthood. This is why when they do hire people, experience and personality trump a college degree.

The freelance economy is a disaster for those who are preparing and planning for a career up the corporate ladder. So instead of fighting it, I suggest we tell the young people in our lives to embrace it and become a freelancer, a business owner, an independently self-employed person. Forget about the commute, traffic, and nagging boss. Deliver value from home, or for multiple companies. Diversify your income, for that matter!

Monetize your passions and let go of the “go to school, get a good job, and retire” life plan, because that economic plan is already history!

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri