Dear Reader,

The stock market has seen more money come into it since election night than the entire year of 2015, pushing the Dow and S&P 500 into new all-time highs!

So why in the hell have we suggested zinc, uranium, silver, and gold stocks this year, which have all underperformed…

For one simple reason: the stocks we are suggesting are all of 1,000%-plus potential. Our objective here is simply different than the average 7% per year 401(k)’er.

Outside of building a cash flow machine both in and out of Wall Street, the stocks we are directly suggesting in this letter are poised to dramatically increase your net worth.

Major markets are moving because of new buying volume entering from Trump optimism. We know that when even a tenth of this amount of liquidity flows into the resource sector, specifically the higher quality precious metal shares, these  shares WILL go ballistic for many fundamental reasons.

The best value in the entire public market today is in natural resources. No matter what the political climate is, civilization keeps moving, and that means we need more minerals out of the earth to keep us going. And no sector on Earth is more cyclical or predictable than the natural resource shares.

Now, there are other hot trends and sectors we want to be involved in, like marijuana, biotech, and companies that support the Internet of everything, but the key to speculating in these smaller companies is to buy them cheap before the herd mentality sets in and floods into them.

This is because the real mover of all stocks is volume! As can be seen right now with the S&P 500 and Dow Jones. What’s happened is the massive flow of funds into those stocks is driving prices higher.

I want us to buy cheap shares, so for now, we just grab and grab and grab, because in the matter of months, it will all change!

Mark my words: in the matter of months, we’re going to see stocks like Zinc One easily around $1.50… Silver One will go up the second silver begins to rally, first over $1, and then over $1.25…. Uranium Energy went from 75 cents to $1.50 on just a whiff of uranium rising, so wait until it really moves because the markets realize the lights are about to go off without a dramatically higher uranium price… First Mining Finance, I’ve actually been selling physical gold in order to buy more shares of this gold portfolio in Canada that is partnered with Keith Neumeyer.

When it comes to speculating in the micro-cap space, no one is going to beat this letter, and it is times like this where all the big profits are made.

It’s by buying the best names as the sector is seeing headwinds, corrections, and pullbacks.

Last year, for 4 months, our readers loaded up on First Mining Finance from $0.34 to $0.42, and then on April 11th, it was like the calm before the storm and all the selling just stopped. By August, the stock hit $1.25!

I’ve made millions in this sector, and the people we are partnering with have made hundreds of millions – we are with the proven winners.

The stocks are down because the sector is down, but when it turns, I promise you that it will be our picks that will see the flood of buying into them, because our companies are over-delivering on real value to shareholders!

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

Share Disclosure: We are long and own shares of Silver One, Zinc One, Uranium Energy Corp., and First Mining Finance.