Day #2 of the Casey Research Summit echoed the sentiment of the first day (impending collapse, government irresponsibility, etc), however, this session had a more positive focus overall on finding opportunities out of this crisis. When the world is rife with imbalances all one needs to do is identify the corresponding trend and take action.

Louis James was my favorite speaker of not only Day #2, but the entire conference. In twice daily sessions Louis would introduce the audience to leading mining companies poised to profit from the coming commodities bull run. The precious metals stocks in particular have been beaten down heavily, and he exclaimed that the largest upside was to be had in silver stocks, with uranium coming in a close second.

Mr. James also had a thought compelling speech regarding “The Ascent of Man” and how those who are rich or seeking to be wealthy should not feel bad, but rather good that they are leading the world on the path to innovation. As Louis would later explain, while things may indeed look bleak the ascent of man will persevere. No world war or economic calamity can stop our progress towards future greatness.

Another theme of this day was internalization of assets. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket said Nick Giambruno, the resident “International Man” expert. Consider bank accounts, passports, and off shore precious metals storage to diversify your financial risk.

All in all, Casey confirmed my feelings that the world is indeed going to hell in a handbasket but that I can handsomely profit from present day circumstances. Fortune favors the bold, and the boldest of the investment community continued to impress this year at the latest Casey Research Summit.