I am not a day trader. I work your standard day job and do some writing on the side for my own development and enjoyment. However, if I was a day trader, I’d be looking to trade within the wild west of the digital currency markets. Traders crave volatility and if that’s what you’re looking for look no further than Bitcoin.

For an asset like Bitcoin that went from $0 to $1000 to back below $200 in the course of a few years to not be considered a prime candidate for trading is asinine. Digital currencies are brand spanking new with markets just now reaching an initial level of maturity. Looking for imbalances in more pure markets like the digital currencies can be easier than playing the stock and commodity markets…both of which are likely manipulated by the powers that be.

Crave even more volatility? Check out Bitcoin’s cousins Litecoin and Dogecoin. These are even riskier markets that could present epic opportunities to astute day traders everywhere. Key idea here is variety…Bitcoin isn’t the only digital asset you can trade as there are a wide range of “internet” currencies out there, some better than others.

Take off the blinders and look for new opportunities across the rubicon. Digital currencies are here and waiting to be traded. Through some research, a few calculated risks, and a lot of internal gusto, you could make a small fortune in the digital currency markets if you’re ready to take the jump.