If you’re like me, you love to travel. Going new places, finding adventures, and meeting new people is what makes life interesting. However, there are inherent challenges in jet setting around the world such as overpriced plane tickets, troublesome passport and visa issues, theft, swindling, and delays. While the aforementioned annoyances may be par for the course for any well seasoned traveler, the emergence of digital currencies such as Bitcoin portend an opportunity to overcome the problems of currency exchange…a necessary evil for your next international trip.

The Answer is Digital Currency

Imagine a world much like the one we live in today with a variety of currencies being utilized in the “developed” and “undeveloped” worlds. Now think about what it would mean if you didn’t have to exchange your dollars for euros, pesos, or yuan upon arrival to a foreign land. No hefty fees, no waiting in line, no frustrating mental math equations at dinner after 2 bottles of wine in an effort to figure out the conversion rate.

How would this be possible? Travel without currency exchanges? The answer is digital currency, more specifically Bitcoin. As merchant adoption grows and the “brand” of the cryptocurrency gains more recognition, Bitcoin will start being accepted on a wider scale globally. This borderless money could quickly become the currency of world travelers everywhere due to it’s ease of use and the fact that it makes complete sense.

Simply show up with your smartphone to dinner and you can pay with the touch of the button from your mobile wallet. No conversion difficulties, no cash, no problem. Efficiency is the name of the game here – why stump yourself when trying to pay the bill when you can just transfer the money over instantly. Plain and simple, and ultimately better for the consumer…especially those who drink two bottles of wine for dinner.