Fast forward to a date and time when the markets have crashed and capital controls are firmly in place. You, being a smart investor, converted the majority of your holdings into dollars and gold before the drop as a flight to safety. “Buy when there is blood in the streets” you thought, and you’d ride it out with the two most secure assets on the planet.

But then something happens – through executive decree all gold is confiscated and you can only withdraw $100 per day out of the bank. You thought you prepared and did the right thing but sure enough Uncle Sam saw the writing on the wall too…and is still going to come after you despite your efforts.

With gold and dollars out of the game, where can one go to ensure they have access to cash at all times? The answer is Bitcoin, the world’s most popular digital currency. Bitcoin and its decentralized network cannot be shut down by governments and would leave you with the ability to transfer money at lightning speeds to buy those assets you so desire.

Greatest Buying Opportunity

What I’m getting at here is that you have to diversify your funds via creative means these days. All fiat currencies will fail with the dollar being the final one to go. The dollar will fail, but we need them for everyday purchases so we’ll keep buying them. Gold speaks for itself…the oldest money in the world and the ultimate insurance plan. Bitcoin though is new to the game…kind of like a digital gold. If you subscribe to the thinking, as I do, that a digital currency system will rise from the ashes of the next crash then Bitcoin is a pretty good bet at being the frontrunner when everything is decided.

Fiat (dollars), hard assets (gold), and digital assets (Bitcoin). This is the financial life raft needed to survive the impending market mayhem. Start bringing your chips to the table and allocating your cash accordingly, because when this thing goes down it will be possibly the greatest buying opportunity of all time.