When one broaches the subject of bitcoin with an individual unfamiliar with the technology, they should observe initial reactions and how these very reactions may compare to similar instances in the past.

By similar instances I’m referring to what people would have thought when they saw the first horseless carriage, otherwise known as the automobile. “Where’s the horse?”, they might say. How can a carriage possibly move without the horse pulling it?

And then there’s the internet. Where is the fax machine? The snail mail? How can we possibly send information for free across the world with little to no friction?

Taken to the extreme, imagine someone from the 1700s seeing a Boeing 747 or a Dreamliner soaring across the sky on a transatlantic flight. Is that a spaceship? Is that god?

This is how the general republic reacts to bitcoin and blockchain technology today. Coupled with a little fear / false bad press with the Silk Road, the financially literate and illiterate public is mesmerized & confused by digital currencies.

Don’t be left behind and mesmerized like your ancestors were all those years back. Do some research on the next big thing, otherwise know as bitcoin, and get ahead of the curve.