Digital currencies have brought several innovations to the world of money, one of which is very specific to the world wide web – online tipping. Online tipping is exactly that – tipping people online for a job well done for whatever service is rendered at the time. Think of a blog post that a reader really enjoyed and at the end of the article they want to reward the author. Traditional payment systems made that difficult due to the fees involved with credit cards, however, with digital currencies readers can tip their authors at will, in amounts that are less than a penny.

Now, tipping someone online for service in fractions of a penny might not sound too exciting, but let’s remember a couple things.

1. The Internet is BIG
a. If you have enough popularity and your operation has some scale, you can make some serious money. If a million people tip you a penny, well that’s $10k.
b. Chances are people will pay you more than a penny as a dime’s worth of Bitcoin isn’t going to break the bank for the average consumer

2. Online Tipping As An Alternative to Advertisements
a. Everyone loves online ads, right? Well, there’s a good reason for them out there – people will pay you to advertise their business on your website especially if you command a decent amount of traffic. This is how many websites get paid – through advertisements
b. If online tipping catches on, the need for advertisements would decrease as the tipping would be an steady substitute revenue stream for the website owner.

Innovations like online tipping further cement my belief that digital currencies are here to stay. While it may not be Bitcoin or Bitcoin we’re talking about in 5 years, the ideas they’ve brought to the table are truly game changing. And remember, the amount of value and money you receive is contingent upon how much value you bestow upon the the marketplace. Tipping for a job well done will ensure you are compensated too, for in the long run as no good deed goes unrewarded.