If there was a bank run in the United States, would you be ready? Would you be prepared for capital controls knocking on your door telling you that you no longer have exclusive ownership to your money? That you can only withdraw a certain amount per day?

This is what is happening right now in Greece. Greece is a western, euro currency nation that is in the grips of a vicious debt crisis of it’s and it’s banking overlords making. And who will be on the hook for all the misbehavior engaged in by the euro aristocrats? The common man of course. The people will be on the hook.

Assuming we don’t resolve all the world’s debt problems in the coming years, chances are that similar circumstances we’re seeing in Greece will replicate themselves through Europe, Britain, and yes even the United States.

To ensure you are prepared for these”unfathomable” events, it behooves you to look into the utility of Bitcoin and precious metals as a safe haven for your wealth. You’ll need dollars, of course, but keep those on hand in cash and start diversifying your risk geographically (offshore gold storage) and digitally (Bitcoin).

He who panics first, panics best. Don’t be left in the building when it starts to burn down. Think about what’s happening for a second and make some initial preparations. And then, when you’ve put the initial plan in place, sit back and relax….you’ve already done more than 99% of the population and at the end of the day you have to control what only you can control.