Below I’ve listed out a simple savings strategy I’ve utilized to save over 20% of my paycheck. The key for me is “out of sight & out of mind”. Saving in different spots helps keep me honest with the added benefit of diversifying my risk across banks and commodities.

Checking Account

This should compose 80% of your paycheck to cover living expenses, enough said.

Bank Account #2

At a different banking institution, deposit 10% of your paycheck into a checking account. Link this account to an autopay precious metals storage service so that you can automatically save a % of your wealth in precious metals each month.

Bank Account #3

At ANOTHER bank, deposit the remaining 10% and link it to a Bitcoin autopay account. This is an aggressive move but is a bet on the bright future of digital currencies.


Google Digit and link it to your checking account. Digit will make automatic weekly withdrawals that are small enough that you won’t notice. This will be your liquid cash storage available to you at anytime. Well, there you have it. Remember that you can likely split your paycheck 3 ways via your employer’s HR website and automate all of the above to make it as painless as possible. Save money, diversify risk across institutions and commodities, and you’ll sleep better as a result.