Warren Buffet is famous for saying that he won’t invest in anything that he doesn’t understand. While Buffet’s remarks were more or less aimed at opaque investments within the securities market, the general populace should consider this advice when applied to staying out of the market altogether.

The stock market is Wall Street’s game, and it’s a game they’re good at. Wall Street doesn’t aim to make their investors money per se, they aim to make fees…the lifeblood of their business model. And these fees come when investors buy stocks and bonds via their platform. These can be good or bad securities so long as they are securities as thats how Wall Street makes its money.

Now I’m not saying that everyone on Wall Street is evil and the bankers should all be tarred and feathered. There are good bankers out there at all the banks, making their clients money everyday. Nonetheless, the fact remains that the average investor tends to get fleeced by Mr. Market with little to no warning from their Wall Street fiduciaries. The value add is lacking.

Investing In Yourself

Therefore, rather than trying to beat the street at it’s own game you should consider not playing that game all together. Focus on building your cash flow in other ways – be it real estate, starting your own business, or reducing your overall costs. Look at ways to generate more income as opposed to returns in the market casino.

Staying out of the market is not the end of the world. In fact, it may be what keeps you “in the game” when things go bust. Invest in yourself, invest in the business of you, and you might never need to dip your toes into the shark filled pool of Wall Street.