The Dollar Sell-Off Continues

Dear Reader,

The dollar index broke below 89, and the dollar is now down to 6.33 against the Chinese yuan!

Silver had its biggest single day move since BREXIT, and gold is making NEW 52-week highs.
The U.S. dollar is off to its worst start in 31 years!
Oil is now at a 3-year high, up 50% since July… and the commodities are rallying.Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin had this to say Wednesday: “A weaker dollar is good for us, as it relates to trade and opportunities.”

The White House sees a weaker dollar as a net positive, as it means lower trade deficits and higher stock prices. At least that’s the perception it will give, even though in reality, it’s simply lowering the purchasing power of Americans.

The set-up here in 2018 is better than I’ve ever seen, and we are expecting a melt-up in stock prices across the board.

Commodity-related stocks are the last great value in this market. Most are still hated, lacking institutional interest, yet nearly all are in a solid uptrend.

Uranium, gold, silver, zinc, cobalt, and copper have the most upside in the space, in our opinion.

Both China and the U.S. are going to be spending trillions on infrastructure, and with global growth, the rising middle class will put more demand on natural resources than at any other time in our world’s history.

We will have NEW stock suggestions to you in February. We are also looking to make big gains in the cannabis and blockchain spaces as well.

Expect incredible portfolio gains this year.

I believe we are going to get it in spades.

I personally only own the stocks suggested in this letter – I’m all-in!

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri