Industry leaders, rule breakers, and disruptors are a diverse group, but they surely have one thing in common: they’re not afraid to do their own thing. Heck, I’m sure they’re used to ignoring the crowd and forging their own paths; that’s probably a big part of what made them so successful in the first place.

Innovators like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs made a habit of bucking trends, and Anthony Lacavera is not only bucking trends, he’s forging trends today that the others will all be following tomorrow.

In case you weren’t aware, Lacavera is the founder and CEO of Globalive Technology (TSX-V: LIVE, OTC: LVVEF), a firm that develops software focusing on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Sure, there are critics of the blockchain. Is this because they ignored the projections of tech-centric individuals (like myself) who predicted the massive surge in cryptocurrency prices years ago? Or is it because they’re old-school and, like Buffett and Munger, don’t fully understand the technology?

In the end, it honestly doesn’t make any difference. Lacavera just does what he does: take companies to the moon through innovation, team building, and industry disruption. Naturally, disruption will turn heads and engender critics, but that’s a small price to pay for greatness, isn’t it?

Besides, the so-called “gurus” can’t argue with the facts. When Lacavera molded Canadian wireless communications company Wind Mobile into the fourth-largest in the industry, the naysayers were suddenly silent. Then, when Lacavera sold Wind Mobile for $1.3 billion to Shaw Communications and the Globe and Mail dubbed him CEO of the year in 2010, the haters all seemed to go into hiding. Isn’t it ,funny how critics go on vacation when they run out of verbal ammo…

And now, with Globalive taking the A.I. and blockchain markets by storm, mum’s the word for all the jealous haters out there. Again, I’ll let the track record speak for itself:

Courtesy of Globalive Investor Presentation

As you can see, Wind Mobile was just one of many success stories for Lacavera, and I believe he has saved the best for last with Globalive Technology. One of Lacavera’s strong points is his ability to form strategic partnerships, and that’s precisely what he’s done with Globalive. Case in point: Globalive’s proposed joint venture with Coinsquare, a leading digital asset trading platform in Canada, for an exclusive United Kingdom licensing agreement. Then there’s the joint venture with Flexiti Financial, a top financial technology company, to develop blockchain and A.I. technology for credit cards, including fraud, loyalty, and credit adjudication.

So, what do these partnerships, along with Lacavera’s impressive track record, add up to? With a current $124 million market cap and a top team of experts, the result is a firm with plenty of room for upward price movement. When the entire blockchain sector takes off, as I predict it will, all the talking heads will stand by and be speechless, at least for the moment.

As for me, I’m more than happy to take a position in Lacavera’s latest and greatest project. To get the full story, go here to download the full exclusive report.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

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