Allow the Miracle of Compound Interest to Work for You
Dear Reader,

The mathematical nature of interest can work for or against you.

When you borrow money and sign up for multiple loan payments, the interest makes it exponentially harder on you to ever become debt-free.

My advice is simple: eliminate debt.

On the flip side, debt instruments as an investment should be taken advantage of.

Becoming a lender by being the bank today is easier than ever thanks to financial technology.

By compounding your wealth by becoming an interest collector, you can force your dollars to work for you.

Here is one cash flow suggestion that I have personally used for the last 18 months.  

Be the bank with Lending Club.

These loans may be $10,000 each, but my portion is only 25 bucks and I am passively seeing an 8% return.

Lending Club vets the borrowers, with a criteria of $75,000 of household income, above-average credit, and two years of job history.

The borrower applications are for refinancing debt, consolidating credit cards, buying a boat, all the normal reasons people borrow money to buy things they can’t afford and shouldn’t be buying.

Remember, for the average person who’s signed up to becoming an indentured servant, they value their credit score like we value a bar of gold, which means defaults are low. If a person is financed to the hilt, the last thing they want is a late payment, as this would prevent them from borrowing more in the future to support an inflated lifestyle.

Here are my notes at a glance…

Out of 5,314 $25 crowdfunded loans, less than 5% of them have ever been late, and only about 2% have outright defaulted or gone into collections.In addition to vetting and collecting payments, Lending Club will also follow up with collections for borrowers who default.

Lending Club is the only publicly-traded company that is a peer-to-peer lender, however, we do not recommend investing in the stock itself.

We do suggest opening an account with them as an investor so that you can be the bank.

This is as passive as it gets.

It’s very turnkey if you’re interested in profiting from one of the oldest businesses on Earth: lending.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri