Here’s Where the Bargains are in the Gold Sector
Dear Reader,

Without any consideration of the underlying businesses, management, or the fundamentals of these shares, the VanEck gold junior ETF is about to unleash a tsunami of selling today, starting at 3:30pm eastern.

It may take days for the dust to settle, but one thing we know is that great companies will be selling at cheap prices, and that’s good for us.

This is not a prediction of a collapse in the market… For the most part, the professional traders and funds have already bid on and sold these companies to where they think they’ll end up after this one-time event.

Don’t panic if you see a steep decline around the close today, or even Monday morning, because the snap back for the companies being sold will likely be a vicious rise higher.

Funds and traders who were short will be covering (buying), which will help to soak up a lot of the GDXJ selling.

You’ll also have major players in the resource sector go bargain hunting.

Rick Rule, of Sprott Asset Management, stated in an interview recently that they will be looking to take advantage of this opportunity.

A source I have in the sector confirmed to me that not only will funds be buying these stocks, but even the VanEck-managed VIP Global Gold Fund may be buying into this rebalancing event that is caused by their passive fund, the GDXJ.

In our opinion, this is a “free money” moment in the gold sector.

Get your lowball offers (stink bids) ready!

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri