Dear Reader,

Copper has been up 14 days in a row, tying the longest streak in history.

This is now the highest level in 4 years, up 31% in 2017!

Keep gold in mind as well. Despite all the gloom, it will be closing the year up 13%, the second consecutive year of gains.

This past year has been a big consolidation period for the shares, but with commodities across the board showing a strong rally here in late 2017, we believe this is setting us up for a very solid move higher for the shares in 2018.

MasterCard recently reported that holiday sales transactions hit a RECORD and that the year-over-year gain also set a new high.

The U.S. tax cuts are going to be like pouring fuel on a fire, which will help push commodity prices higher as global growth finally gains some real traction for the first time in a decade.

2018 will also be a huge year for cannabis, and for the shares, it could end up being like a Dotcom- or blockchain-type mania.

During 2017, we just had one cannabis pick: Lifestyle Delivery Systems (CSE: LDS), profiled at 50 cents Canadian. We predicted that we wouldn’t see any meaningful gains until the end of the year, and we were right. For much of the year, you could buy the stock for our profile price. But as we move into the legalization in California, it trades for 95 cents, up 89.99%!

LDS is now way over our comfort zone, so if you have a position, consider holding it for further gains, but don’t add to it at these levels.

We will most likely NOT continue any coverage of the company, as we would like to move on to new opportunities we see coming for the 2018 calendar.

Expect great things for 2018. Let’s take your net worth to a level that makes you permanently wealthy!

Happy New Year!

Daniel Ameduri