Dear Reader,

Since 1971, when President Nixon cut the dollar’s last tie to gold, we’ve seen a dramatic collapse in our currency’s value.

A 1964 quarter with silver in it, for example, could buy you 1 gallon of gasoline for 25 cents.

Today, it takes 12 quarters to buy that same gallon of gas.

However, if you’re willing to sell a 1964 quarter for the value of the silver that is in it, you can buy exactly 1 gallon of gasoline.

There have been thousands of fiat currencies, and they all have one thing in common: they lose value and ultimately fail.

So why not back some of your currency holdings with gold? You don’t need to wait for hyperinflation or a global monetary reset – make the government’s counterfeit role in money irrelevant in your life.

Outside of storing your wealth in physical gold, there are many new options to have gold-backed debit cards, and even a new cryptocurrency that is backed by one gram of gold, putting a floor on each token. has a gold-backed MasterCard. You make a deposit and request a debit card. There is no waiting for the government or a global reset – you can have a gold-backed bank account right now.

The United Precious Metals Association, based out of Utah, will soon offer members a Visa debit card.

Perpetual Assets has offered a Visa card backed by your gold account with them for years.

I personally don’t like spending my gold. I prefer to hold it as a vehicle for financial insurance.

What I like about having a gold-backed debit card, though, is that even if I don’t plan to use it, if I need to, I have immediate access with a simple swipe.

It’s also another step I’ve taken to opt out of a system controlled by the Federal Reserve, whose underpinning is fraud, deceit, and debt.

If you haven’t already taken steps to protect yourself, we suggest you do it now by backing up a portion of your cash position with gold.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri