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GoldMining Inc. is the ultimate leverage on a gold-only basis.It’s unreal what this company has accomplished.They’ve acquired so many gold ounces in the ground that it would now place them among the top 10 central banks for gold holdings in the world.
With a new acquisition announced that is expected to close by the end of this month, GoldMining, between historical and 43-101 resources, will have 29 million ounces of equivalent gold resources!When you sum up the parts of their acquisitions, both projects and companies that are now within GoldMining, they’ve seen market caps totaling $875 million during higher periods for gold.Today, their market cap is $215 million.

Right now, the market is valuing this company at less than $10 per ounce of gold in the ground. Their recent acquisition has them buying millions more ounces at around $3 per ounce of historical gold resource in the ground.

You can buy shares today for CAD$1.60, H.C. Wainwright has a price target of CAD$4.50.

The reality is, this stock can go a lot higher and quickly, as larger investors will be looking to partner with what

Rick Rule calls a “gold hoarder.”

Recommendation: Consider buying shares of GoldMining (TSXV: GOLD & US: GLDLF).


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