Dear Reader,
Your time is NOT equal.Yes, we all have 24 hours, but depending on your age and stage in life, your actual time can mean something very different.

An example is a 30-year-old saving vs. a 60-year-old. For the older person, time itself becomes more valuable.

A smart, young person who saves can create more value from their time since they have more of it.

You have a tough question to ask: is your life in line with your values?

Every person reading this is at a different stage in life.

For me personally, I am a father to three children, I have a 3yr, 6yr, and 8yr old. This is by far the most important role and responsibility in my life.

It makes me a little sad that the 8yr old is getting so big. I can’t imagine I’ll be holding him or putting him on my shoulders for too much longer.

We face this in all relationships, but for the most part, we don’t think about it.

There is always going to be a last time…

The last time you see a parent… The last time you hold a child’s hand across the street… Even a last time you laugh with a loved one.

This life is finite, and the time we have and the relationships we value deserve our attention.

It’s why I personally feel that the choice to become financially independent is a great virtue that should be praised often.

You should be enjoying your time, the true fruits of our labor.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri