We’ve Barely Scratched the Surface for Green Energy Stocks!

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Few realize just how small the electric vehicle market is today.

The potential for its growth cannot be understated.

There’s trillions in global government subsidies and real demand from millennial consumers.

China, who had virtually no electric vehicles (EVs) three years ago, accounted for 50% of sales last year!

Next year, China will actually force automakers to earn credits by selling EVs or purchasing them from competitors.

U.S. automakers are projecting that EVs will account for over 50% of Chinese sales by 2025.

These vehicles, as well as their sister hybrid ones, with gas and electric, saw a 154% increase in Chinese sales just in the last 3 months!

In the U.S., we sold about 200,000 of these vehicles for all of 2017. In China,they sold 143,000 in the past 90 days.
We are seeing irreversible trends, which is why we believe speculators who think it’s too late for lithium and cobalt are not fully appreciating the demand side of the picture.

To put it simply, demand for these metals is skyrocketing!

***China and India are both going to 100% electric vehicles.

***France has promised to end the sales of gasoline vehicles by 2040.

***1/3rd of cars in Norway are already EVs.

***Volvo has promised to phase out internal combustion engines starting in 2019. They’ll all either be EVs or hybrids.

For cobalt, the largest corporations on the planet are all scrambling for ethical supplies that are critical to companies like Apple and Ford.

For lithium, the available supply barely covered last year’s demand, and for all this talk about new supply coming on, the bears fail to truly see the demand side, as well as the inevitable supply disruptions that regularly come with mining, especially for any new potential supply being factored in.

The opportunity in front of us is enormous, and it will last for decades.

This is a trend we want to take a position in.

The ONLY cobalt stock I’ll be buying is New Energy Metals (TSXV: ENRG & US: DRRVF).

We actually first introduced you to the company on March 8th, when it was Darien Resources. We had speculated that it would be a major deal since we saw Grant Ewing come on as CEO.

Our speculation has paid off – it’s the real deal, with several acquisitions just in the past 60 days.

I’ll have all the details for you this weekend.

Before this company is covered by other publishers, I wanted to send you this time-sensitive alert.

New Recommendation: Consider buying shares of New Energy Metals.

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Daniel Ameduri

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