Dear Reader,

The exact words from one of our readers this week in regards to the speculative micro-cap companies we have profiled this year.

His exact quote reads like this: “Last year I made a fortune with you. This year, I’m seeing some red in some of the picks. What the hell is going on?!”

Our strategy is the same as last year, and the year before that, and going all the way back to 2010 when the Future Money Trends letter began.

It’s about personal finance for the new economy, with a real focus on income and helping our members dramatically increase their wealth by partnering with the right businesses in the sub-$500m public market.

We are not a day trading letter. We are a “create an enormous amount of wealth by focusing on income with 90% of your efforts and buy stocks that have the potential to yield 1,000%-plus returns” letter.

Here’s my commitment to you: I’ll only suggest companies to you that have proven winners running them who know how to over-deliver on all fronts, in building their business, attracting new shareholders, and making sure they put your interest before their own.

We attach ourselves to the handful of winners and truly reap the benefits of a rising tide in these individual sectors.

It’s a real way to make a fortune, but it does take time. These aren’t going to go up triple digits overnight, although when you do see an uptrend, as noted at the start of last year for the gold shares, these proven winner stocks will lead the entire market.

When it comes to the mining sector suggestions specifically, you must know this: the fundamentals don’t matter. Most of the companies suck, and it takes a lot more than a successful mining business plan to deliver real value to shareholders.

I often tell the story of Scorpio Gold (don’t buy it, it’s a piece of crap now), a company that achieved commercial production in 2011 and traded for over $1, yet the management refused to market their company effectively. As the bear market took hold, they collapsed to below 5 cents!

During that same time, another company that had just launched that had nothing but rock in the ground, but management knew how to effectively build a company on all fronts. During the bear market, that company also started at $1, but even at the depths of the bear market, it only fell to 50 cents. And once the bull market started, it went to over $3. Meanwhile, the hedge funds and investors who bought what was a good company on paper, Scorpio Gold, got destroyed.

My point in all of this is that it is so important that everyone investing/speculating in the mining sector understand that with these small companies, you either get the full package or your investment is probably heading to a graveyard.

It’s why I personally only own the stocks covered in the Future Money Trends letter.

View these companies for what they really are: businesses. Partner with them, call up management, and go to a local conference and meet with them.

You make a lot of money investing with the right people.

The stock ideas presented in our letter aren’t just digits and symbols to trade in and out of – these are real people and businesses that I want to introduce you to because I want you to make an exceptional amount of money with us.

If you haven’t already done so, read the letter I sent out on February 16th titled “How to Make Money Buying Our Stocks.”

You’re positioned in and with the best possible people. I have no doubt that everyone reading this, should the bull market in minerals go our way, have a life-changing moment in 2017 with our very specific stock suggestions in the sector.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri