High-Yield Alternative Investments
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It’s time to pound the table on income, where we suggest 90% of your investable portfolio should be focused.If you want to be rich, or richer, then mimic the wealthy by making sure you have multiple streams of passive income.

Prior to the FinTech revolution that has developed over the past decade, some of the income we are able to capture today was only available to the extremely wealthy.

These are things like litigation finance, commercial real estate notes, and even cashouts for lucky lottery winners.

There was even an NBA player who wanted an advance on his guaranteed $2 million contract…

It’s all happening at YieldStreet, a lending platform that is asset-based investing.

Founders Milind Mehere and Michael Weisz, along with Chairman Dennis Shields, have created the ultimate alternative income investment portal.With backgrounds in FinTech, banking, and fund management, this is a very serious team that has zero defaults recorded to date ($0 principal loss).

With over $200 million in originations in the past 2 years, this company is attracting some of the brightest minds in both the public and private markets.

Seeking out yields of 8-20%, YieldStreet turns down over 90% of the opportunities presented to them.

These are highly-vetted investments that are all asset-based, meaning there is collateral behind every single loan in case of borrower default.

The core alternative investment offering at YieldStreet is litigation finance.

This is most likely a type of investment that you haven’t participated in, or even heard of, but it’s very common amongst the wealthy.

It’s fairly simple, though. Let’s say you have a settlement in hand from a judge, but you want to be paid out immediately.

This includes judgments from litigation in vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, police brutality, labor laws, and other major post-settlement cases.

As an investor, you can buy these settlements at a discount, cashing out the plaintiff.

There is also pre-settlement financing. Let’s say you have a slam dunk case against a hospital, but in the meantime, you need help with living expenses. YieldStreet will vet the litigation and offer an advance through financing, which will be paid back with interest post-settlement.

YieldStreet also offers commercial and residential crowdfunded real estate loans, secured with a first lien position.

The minimum investment is $5,000, with 1- to 3-year durations.

It’s very user-friendly, and it took less than 2 minutes to set up an account for myself. I’ll be giving you quarterly cash flow updates on my own experience with the company, along with the others we have suggested to you.

To set up an account, simply go to

We suggest investing up to 5% of your investable portfolio into it.

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