Gold Above Important $1,260 Level

HUI Mining Share Index Above its 200-Day Moving Average

Dear Reader,

I’ll keep this message short and to the point.  Yesterday, I had the chance to conduct several interviews at the Sprott Resource conference.  My video editor is putting them together now for release over the next few days and weeks.

The biggest takeaway for us, though, is the incredible situation we all have in front of us.

Prior to Amir Adnani speaking, Rick Rule, host of the conference and one of the most successful value investors alive, gave what I believe was the best endorsement I’ve ever seen him give.

I’m trying to nail down a video of it, but here are a few things he had to say prior to Amir coming on stage…

“Amir is invested in a business where the outcome is when – not if.”

“He’s got a really good chance of making you rich over time.”

Rick went on to say that Warren Buffet talks about the desire to have a few 7-footers on your basketball team, to which Rick referred to Amir as one of those 7-footers in the mining space.

These are those few individuals you can partner with and enjoy the fruits of their labor for decades.

Mr. Rule refers to GoldMining as a gold hoarder.

We strongly recommend anyone reading this letter to seriously consider taking a long-term position in GoldMining Inc. (TSXV: GOLD & US: GLDLF).

I know I’m pounding the table with this one, and it’s because I see the enormous opportunity and timing of the gold market right now, and I know how this stock trades. This is where investors should be looking right now.

This is a chance to buy Amir Adnani and GoldMining Inc. on sale, in my opinion, with multiple price targets over 150% higher than where they trade for right now.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

Editor’s Note: Currently, the largest single shareholder of GoldMining is a fund run by Marin Katusa and Rick Rule, two extraordinary investors in the resource space.

The second-largest single shareholder is Amir Adnani himself, the founder and Chairman.

Myself, family, and staff are also long GoldMining Inc.

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