Your Personal Plan to Live and be Wealthy

Dear Reader,

I was recently a guest on three podcasts discussing my own personal history in becoming financially independent, as well as what I believe are the most important lessons I can pass on to anyone who has made the same decision.

They’re perfect listening for this beautiful Sunday morning.

Stratosphere Investing Podcast
Thrive as an Investor With Daniel From Future Money Trends

Mitch Russo Podcast
Cracking the Code of Future Money Trends

The Hustle Show
How to Start Real Estate Investing at a Young Age With Daniel Ameduri

Some of the core virtues and disciplines I shared are essential to becoming financially wealthy.

1. There are only solutions. It’s a mindset that never accepts a problem or a wall in their life. In everything we do, there is a solution and creative way to proceed.

2. Focus. You have to decide what’s really important and cut out 80% of the noise. This includes some tough decisions on getting rid of some of the people in your life, those who drag you down instead of lift you up.

3. Never stop. I’m convinced that part of being successful is to just never quit. Never lose sight of the ultimate goal, and just keep going. Save, invest, and keep moving forward.

4. Stack cash flow. In every investment, look for the income. Target a small win early on, even a yield that just pays the cable bill, and make it real, because it is. Eventually, your passive income will pay for your entire lifestyle.

Lastly, approach it all with a spirit of gratitude. The second you feel any stress or anger, take a minute and just start speaking out loud about all that you have to be thankful for.

I’m a big believer in the subconscious mind helping you attract the kind of wealth you’re aiming for.

Stick with our wealth ideas. Partnering with a few select start-ups or early-stage companies can deliver years of income to you, but the key is being able to stay the trade and allow the management teams to deliver on their plans.

I have no doubt that anyone who applies the wealth strategies in this letter will be able to achieve financial independence in less than 5 years.

Have a great Sunday!

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

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