A New Dawn in Cannabis – And a HUGE IPO is Here

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It has been said that cannabis is the new Dotcom, the new maker of millionaires and billionaires.  I agree and disagree:  it is true that massive wealth has been created and will continue to be made in the cannabis sector, but unlike the Dotcom era, there’s no bubble and no burst.

Rather, I see it as a new dawn in medicine, healthcare, freedom, decriminalization, and rationality.  And really, we’re just in the beginning stages.

In Canada, the United States, and worldwide, the grassroots pro-cannabis movement is unstoppable.

Individual investors might agree or disagree with the movement, but nothing will change the fact that plenty of money is being made in medical and recreational marijuana sales right now.  When we take an objective view and put our personal ideologies aside, there’s no doubt that a long position in the cannabis industry is destined to be a moneymaker.

Just take a look at the following chart.  Global projections show an unstoppable upward trajectory in the global cannabis market:

Source: New Frontier Data

Few industries provide a whopping 31% compound annual growth rate, and I don’t see this momentum diminishing anytime soon.

It’s a trend that’s here to stay because people’s attitudes are changing; there’s a worldwide shift in consciousness and an embracing of cannabis as a therapeutic medicine and lifestyle enhancement.  This shift is already generating new markets and economies, along with a prodigious profit infusion for investors who position themselves correctly.

At the epicenter of this burgeoning industry is Canada, which has historically been known and respected for its progressive stance on cannabis legalization.

While it is true that the United States is catching up, the real action for investors is in Canada, where full legalization is being realized right now and licensed producers can operate with the utmost freedom.

The following graph illustrates how the demand for legal marijuana in Canada, measured in terms of the total number of registered medical marijuana patients, has grown consistently:

Source: Health Canada

Where will the cannabis industry be in the coming months and years?

For today’s best licensed producers, investors can expect earnings and revenue multiples that can only be described as exponential.  Research shows that in the Canadian medical marijuana industry, the patient user base is expected to increase tenfold.

Meanwhile, sales to these patients could also increase tenfold within this time frame:

Source: Health Canada, Aphria

***Please note, however, that the big money is going to be made amonglicensed producers.

I’m emphasizing the word licensed because clearance from — and compliance with — the government is essential to succeeding in this business.

I will only put my money on fully licensed and compliant firms in the cannabis space, and with full legalization in progress in Canada, it’s a sure bet that Canadian licensed producers are poised to reap the greatest benefits of the expanding cannabis market.

Moreover, I’m not going to invest in just any licensed producer.  The research team here at Future Money Trends is extremely disciplined when it comes to our picks, and we vet companies thoroughly before we even consider adding them to our portfolios.  

The fact is some licensed producers are better than others, and we seek out the ones that have a highly experienced leadership team, strong profit potential, and a clear road map for future growth.  Plus, whenever possible, we like to catch these rising stars when they’re in the beginning stages, as that’s when they’re still under the radar and ready to see the greatest price appreciation.

After countless hours of research, we’ve narrowed it down to just one company:Pure Global Cannabis Inc. (TSX-V: PURE). 

Based in Ontario and originating from a reverse takeover with Royal Sapphire Corp., Pure Global Cannabis Inc. is a licensed producer on the leading edge of the Canadian cannabis niche.

Founder and CEO Malay Panchal is a visionary and seasoned serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in pharma business-to-business technology, retail and mail-order pharmacy, pharma branding, and clinical trials.  Panchal has assembled a top-rated team of masters in the field, including Production VP Nader Gheshlaghi, also known as the “plant whisperer.”  With a Ph.D. in Plant Genetics & Pathology, Nader has managed large-scale grow operations for hundreds of plant varieties around the world.  Other leadership team members include foremost medical, pharmaceutical, business, and communications experts.

As I mentioned earlier, catching rising stars for maximum growth is best done in the early stages, and Pure Global Cannabis Inc. stock shares start trading today, so this truly is a ground-floor opportunity to take a position in a firm that’s taking the cannabis industry by storm.

The vision of Pure Global Cannabis Inc. is ambitious: to develop diverse formulations that convert the properties of cannabis into tomorrow’s trusted medicines.  This is a company that will improve the quality of life for many patients while enriching investors who get in while the stock price is still easily affordable.

As for the company itself, they are off and running with an experienced financial team that has raised approximately $15 million to date.

Malay Panchal has built a powerhouse of a Canadian licensed producer from the ground up, with a crystal-clear timeline allowing for capacious and scalable growing facilities:

Source: Pure Global Cannabis Inc. Investor Presentation

To top it all off, Pure Global Cannabis Inc. is doing something that none of its competitors do: it is launching a multi-ponic cannabis farm – the first one in Canada. 

I’m talking about a world-class commercial agriculture methodology that combines the best practices in hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics for three times the cannabis output – all without pesticides or herbicides.  Don’t be surprised if lesser companies try to imitate this innovative achievement in the future… but Pure Global Cannabis Inc. will be the first.

What we have here is more than an IPO; it’s an opportunity to grow along with the legalized cannabis industry as it changes the world.  I’ll be watching and reporting on Pure Global Cannabis Inc. as it makes a lasting footprint in a movement that is building wealth and exceeding expectations.

NEW Recommendation: Consider shares of Pure Global Cannabis (TSX-V: PURE).

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

Editors Note: I’ll alert you the second there is a U.S. symbol, for any investors who don’t have access to the TSX-Venture. If you do have trouble, many brokers will allow you to purchase shares if you call them directly.

***Special Disclaimer*** I plan to make PURE one of my largest holdings.

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