Speculative Idea: The Early Position Round is Now

Dear Reader,

I’ve never made a call like this in public.

Typically these type of speculative trades I keep to myself, because if I’m wrong, you can lose all of your money.

But that’s not the case here in my extreme analysis of this situational opportunity.

I’m very confident that something under the radar is happening right now.

They call it the position round, where the friends and family can buy cheap stock before a company sees its big launch.

It’s here, where I believe we can buy super early, at a potentially great price, and partner with some of the best names in the resource space.

I wouldn’t ask you to read any further unless I thought you could make money from this idea, so please review this in its entirety.

Very important, this is not a normal stock profile that you typically see from us.

On January 29th, Darien Resource Development Corp (TSXV: DRR)appointed Grant Ewing as its president, chief executive officer, and a director of the company.

Grant is kind of a big deal in the mining space with 25 years of experience; and for the past decade, he’s been in the most senior of positions with a very solid track record.

His most recent deal being Kiska Metals, from 2014 to March of 2017, who was acquired by AuRico Metals. He then helped AuRica Metals until it was acquired by Centerra Gold two months ago.

In the January P.R., it also announced a $4 million raise; however, at the time, it didn’t even have an asset! Meaning, we’ve likely (with near certainty) just uncovered his new deal, which will probably be a big one, and we’ve caught it extremely early.

By February 21st, they added two more management changes, clearly things are about to get going…

February 26th, they announced the closing of the $4 million financing and here is what Grant had to say, “with the completion of the financing, Darien is well capitalized to pursue acquisitions of prospective mineral exploration properties in mining-friendly jurisdictions. We have been working to identify attractive opportunities in strategic commodities and will now be in a position to execute on our strategy to grow and develop Darien.”

On March 1st, I believe we saw 100% confirmation that an enormous opportunity was about to open up to us and we could buy Grant and his new company at the earliest of stages.

1. The company announced a copper asset in Chile. 

That’s great because we love copper, especially for lithium batteries.

2. Darien is changing its name to New Energy Metals Corp. (This is important). 

What comes to mind when you hear new energy metals… I bet it’s not copper.

It wasn’t for us either, which is why we believe we have the opportunity to buy this deal early (so early), we are 100% speculating on Grant Ewing brining in new energy minerals to reflect the name he’s chosen for the company.

I plan to purchase shares on the open market tomorrow, but I’m happy to send this time sensitive alert so that you have the opportunity to buy today.

Consider Shares of Darien Resources (TSXV: DRR), which will soon be called New Energy Metals.

This is a very speculative position at this point in time, consider buying shares up to CAD$.80 (its 60 cents at the moment).

Look for our continued coverage as soon as they have more news available.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

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